Tania – known as ‘Tanor’ on tour

1. Do you have a favourite shop?
Shops in San Sebastian

2. Who is your favourite singer?
The Boss – Bruce Springsteen

3. What is the best golf club in your bag?
8 Iron

4. Where is your favourite place to be?
The snow, in the mountains

5. What is your favourite drink?
Gin and Tonic

6. Do you have a nickname?
Tanor – the older players in the Spanish team gave it to me when I was young

7. Who would you most like to be stuck on a desert island with?
I don’t know – someone I love

8. Who would play you in a film about your life?
Angelina Jolie

9. How would your closest friends best describe you?
Shy, introvert and smiley

10. What would be your first act as world leader?
Get rid of terrorism

11. What is your career ambition?
Win a major

12. What was the best advice ever given to you?
Focus and relax. My coach told me that

13. Who is your inspiration?
Nobody really inspired me to pick up the clubs. I just chose to myself

14. Who is your closest friend on the Tour?
Ana Larraneta

15. What has been your career high so far?
Runner-up in the 2000 Amateur World Championship

16. Is there a little-know fact about you?
I am always smiling

17. What can you not live without?
My bed

18. What career would you follow if you weren’t a golfer?
I studied Business, so maybe working in a company. But not my own business