The brand new site is now live to enjoy.  The new site will bring you closer to the tour, closer to the players and closer to the action!

You can now access on any device.  Whether viewing on computer, tablet or smartphone – you’ll now be able to access all the great content from the Ladies European Tour wherever and whenever you want.

The new site will have a whole host of features, which we’ll introduce over the coming weeks, including:

LET Live

You’ll find great content on throughout the season, but during tournaments the site will come alive.

The new LET Live section will bring you all the latest tournament content together.

Live scoring, standings and tee times will all be available on the same page, along with the latest news and content from social media.  Within the leaderboard you’ll also have access to stats for players.  Just click the name of the player you want more information on and the expanded player section will appear.

Enhanced Player Profiles

If you want to learn even more about your favourite player, or any of the professionals on the tour, the player profiles page is the place for you.  On each player page you can view career stats, alongside latest news, photos and videos.

Personalised Experience

We want to deliver the content that is most interesting to you, the fan.  So if that’s certain players, tournaments of content types – you’ll notice that the more you enjoy the more relevant the content you’ll be seeing is to your interests.

This Is Just The Start

Over the coming months and 2015 season we’ll be adding more great features to the site to bring you closer to the tour.  We want to make following the tour a fun experience, so if you love the new site or have ideas on how we can improve, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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