Australian Bree Arthur opened with a five over par 77 at the 2015 Hero Women’s Indian Open, but her score card was particularly interesting! Here she recounts her first round on the newly opened Black Knight Course at the DLF Golf and Country Club, designed by Gary Player.

Bree said:

The course is absolutely amazing but it’s really tough. I don’t think we’ve played anything like it. Those last few holes on the back nine, it’s like playing in the Grand Canyon. There’s water and rocks. I teed off on the back nine first, went out in 44, plus eight, so wasn’t very happy and came in on 33, so 11 shots better. I think that puts the two nines into a bit of context.

The pin positions, there aren’t many options out there. They are going to be difficult anywhere. You’re always trying to hit to the fat part of the green and then it’s 50/50 because there are slopes everywhere and it’s just difficult.

What are your thoughts on 17, the uphill par 4?

It’s a really fantastic hole to look at, but to play, it’s a pain. When I walked onto it the other day for the first time, I thought, that cannot be the green up there, you cannot be serious. I think it’s plus seven or plus eight uphill, but off the back tee, I layed up short of the ravine and I had a 4-iron in and I couldn’t get the 4-iron high enough to reach the green. If I hit hybrid, it was too long. I’m really happy they’ve put us off the front tee box because now we can carry the ravine and we’ve got a short club in. If you’re short on that hole, you’re 60 metres short, because it comes all the way back to your feet.

What is the main difference on the back nine?

11 is not too bad because you’re laying up short of the trouble. The 13th green is a tricky one. You’ve probably got a 3 by 3 metre landing zone. Other than that you’re off the green, long or short. Or you lay up short right and have a 30 foot putt, which you don’t really want, but I think sometimes on those greens, you’ve got to play for a 30 footer. There’s not much room.

What would you do differently in future?

Today I had two bad tee shots, one was a lost ball, one was an unplayable, so if I can eliminate those bad shots. I think the back nine is playing over its par, by two or three, so if you get round in par or better, you’re a genius.

I still think it’s a great course. Gary Player has done a great job. Just to look at! I played here three years ago and I can’t believe what they’ve done. The lake on 18 was the fairway!