1. What is your earliest sporting memory?
Playing basketball with my dad and three older brothers with a hoop over the garage.

2. What is the favourite club in your bag?
Any of the wedges – let’s say 56 degree.

3. With whom would you like to play a fourball?
My dad Peter, Jack Niklaus, who is my dad’s favourite player and Tiger Woods.

4. What was your proudest moment?
My dad caddied for me at the San Francisco City Championship when I was 16 and we ended up winning on the final hole. He had caddied for me for 36 holes so it was pretty special since he was the one who got me started.

5. What can’t you live without?
My i-phone.

6. What is your favourite golf course?
Sahallee in Seattle, Washington.

7. Who is your boyfriend?
Ben Croucher, an Australian sailor, who manages the teams’ boats.

8. Who do you most admire?
My parents for their work ethic. They taught me where hard work can get you. My dad was in the air force for 20 years and in the postal service for 20 years. My mom works for the State of California doing computer things.

9. What is your favourite meal?
Japanese. My mom is Japanese but we didn’t have a lot growing up. I’ve discovered it over the last six or seven years. I love sushi and noodle dishes and soups. I like the rice but you can’t eat that all the time; you need other things.

10. How would you spend a perfect day?
Sleeping in, going out paddle surfing for a few hours somewhere sunny, hike in the afternoon, cocktails on the beach and dinner outside with friends.

11. What is your favourite city?
San Francisco because its near my home town, there is so much culture there and it makes me feel good even if I go there for just a day.

12. Describe yourself in a word.

13. Neat or messy?

14. What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap.

15. What’s your passion outside golf?
Bringing my family closer together. All my siblings live quite close but when I come home I bring everyone together so I’m like the glue for the family.

16. Motto for life?
Eat, drink and be merry.

17. What’s your best golfing tip?
Swing within your limits.

18. What’s your trademark?
I wear bandanas and I started wearing them on the golf course when I turned pro. Off the course I’ve been wearing them since high school. I started buying them to wear as belts and bracelets but when I turned pro I wanted to do something different. Also, when I turned pro I had short hair and looked like a boy so a basketball cap made it worse. Now a supplier gives me a load of around 15 to 20 for the year and I have built up a collection over the last five years or so. It was easy travelling with them in my car all over America but now I have to figure out which ones to take because I can’t take all of them on a plane.