Ai Miyazato has high hopes for the Evian Masters

Q. Ai, you finished second last week. Just talk about how you played.
Ai Miyazato: Well, first I really played well last week. It was a hard week because the players are really good, but I really enjoyed each match. So it was really good experience for me. I think actually I’m ready for first win right now. I still need a little patience, but I just kept it going so it was really fun for me.

Q. Has it been difficult to adjust to playing in America? I know you’re in France this week, but in America it must be very different from Japan. Can you say some of the things that maybe you found difficult to adjust to, or the things that are different for you?
Ai: First and foremost, language was obviously the most difficult thing for me to adjust, and also adjusting to the environment was difficult. I felt that I might need some time to win my first event. I also felt that the players on the LPGA Tour showed themselves a little bit more on the golf course, and I felt that I needed to do the same to get my first win. I’m starting to get used to it now, though.

Q. Are there any things that you especially miss about Japan?
Ai: I think food, actually. I love Japanese food. American food is okay, but I miss Japanese food.

Q. Do you think this golf course at Evian suits you? Do you like playing around this course?
Ai: Yes, I like it a lot. It has a little different feeling than the American golf courses. It has got a European style to it. I love the nice view. Even though I haven’t been able to play as well as I would like to in the last couple years, I still had a lot of fun.

Q. You mentioned that you needed to ‘show yourself’ a little bit on the US LPGA Tour. Does that mean you need to play a little bit more aggressively? Can you talk about what you mean by ‘showing yourself’?
Ai: It’s more of keeping my style, showing my golf style, how I play the game. There are long hitters or short hitters on the LPGA Tour, but they all have their own style. So I just thought that these things I didn’t really think about in Japan when I was playing, but now that I’m on the LPGA Tour I think about how I can show my qualities on the golf course.

Q. What do you think your style is?
Ai: I think my style is trying to concentrate more on hitting good quality shots. That also means being able to hit fades as well as not missing too many shots. So right now I think of my style as not just a good short game, but more of being able to hit quality shots.

Q. What do you think about the pairing [with Paula Creamer and Virginie Lagoutte-Clement?]
Ai: I have played with Paula many times before so I know that I have a lot of fun playing with her. And with the other French player that I am paired with, when I think of the most popular or most recognized player from France right now I think of Karine Icher.
Obviously European players have their own style as well. The players that I’m playing with this week, I’m just looking forward to it just as much as playing with Paula.

Q. You played really well – especially around the greens – last week. Do you think that can transfer to this week?
Ai: The courses do seem similar. They both have small greens but with undulation. I think the key will be being able to control my distance on my second shot. Last week since it was match play I think mentally and emotionally it will be a little bit different this week. But I tried to keep the same emotion, meaning keeping it so that I can still play well this week.

Q. What is your goal for this week?
Ai: Obviously to win. I know that every shot counts this week, so I try to keep that in mind.

Q. You say you’re ready to win. What in particular makes you think so?
Ai: Just simply knowing in my head that I can compete and win. Last year I needed to concentrate on things like adjusting to the environment and learning English, but this year I’ve seen a lot of the course that I played on last year and been able to gain a lot experience from that, playing in the same courses from last year. Technically, I think I might still need some work, but just knowing that I have a lot of experience and confidence to win makes me think that I’m ready to win.

Q. What do you think you need to shoot per day to win?
Ai: I think that I need to shoot about 3 or 4 under per day. I’ve heard that the course has a very long rough. It has gotten a little bit longer distance wise. I know the course has slopey fairways. Overall, I just need to putt really well. That will be a key this week. I know there are some short par-5s, so I need it take advantage of those holes and make birdies on those holes.