Manuel and Álvaro Quirós (not related!)

European Tour long-hitter Álvaro Quirós and fellow professional Manuel Quirós paid a visit to La Quinta Golf Resort and Spa in Marbella, Benahavis, during the first round of the Open de España Femenino.

Álvaro, from Cadiz, was due to play in the Vivendi Seve Trophy in Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche, Paris, next week, but has decided to rest his injured wrist on the advice of his doctor. Here we caught up with him on his home turf.

Alvaro: what happened with your wrist?

It was a domestic accident. I fell down at home and I stopped by body with my hands. I had an old injury when I was younger and it has come back again.

What are your plans now?

I have been to Barcelona and Dr. Guillen and his colleagues checked my wrist. We are thinking about going to Boston but still not sure that it can be operated on. If that occurs, I have to be off for five weeks to recover.

What are you doing here, with all the ladies?

As you know, I live near here, in Guadiaro and a friend, Gorka Guillen, asked me to come. Gorka is here with Carlota Ciganda, who is on the IMG team.

Do you follow the ladies’ tour and what do you think about ladies’ golf?

I follow the Tour some times when I am in Europe and I like to watch it on TV. I know very well the Spanish players like Belen Mozo and Azahara Muñoz, because we live all in the same area in Andalucia and we were together in Madrid when we were amateurs representing the Spanish team. During that period I also met Adriana Zwanck and Emma Cabrera.

How do you feel about your golf at the moment? Have you reached your goals for this season?

Last year I was worried because I thought I deserved to play better, with lower results and in better ranking positions that what it really was. I was 50th and I thought my game was good enough to be higher in the ranking position. That got me a little frustrated.

Lately, travelling with Martin (Martin Kaymer and him together with Adam Scott, Robert Karlsson belong to the same Sport company called Spotyard) I have realised that I was wrong, I thought I was giving 100 per cent when I was really only giving 60-70 per cent of my effort. After a practice day from 9 -2pm and then 4-8pm, I used to go to the apartment and lay-out on the sofa while Martin was continuing to work out.

Now I know that if I want to become number one, I need to make that step and give that percentage of effort that I know I can still make. I try to practice with more quality and learning how to improve the weak points of my game.

How is your putting? What is your putting average?

My average is around 29, which is okay but it can be improved.

What are your weak points in your game?

I need to improve my recovery shots and I could take more advantage of my driving power. I have many opportunities for birdie on par fives because I usually reach them in two.

How did you enjoy your fashion shoot for Callaway?

I was surrounded by six professional fashion models (two girls and four men) and felt like the ugly duckling! Their bodies were such perfection that I almost fell in love!