Amanda Moltke Leth has won the fifth episode of the Danish television programme “Stjernetraef”, translated as “Meet the Stars” in English.

Now she has a chance to win this weekend’s final and be named Denmark’s greatest female athlete, taking home a prize of 7000 Euros. Handball player Kasper Nielsen is expected to be named as the best male.

Amanda beat some of Denmark’s leading athletes by holding her breath under water for two minutes, as well as paintballing, mountain biking on a beach and canoeing through a course.

“Being able to participate in Stjernetraef has been amazing,” said Amanda. “I have gone through incredible exercises that have been extremely over the top for me. With the way the show was put together, we never knew what was going to happen. We were woken by the crew at different times to stress us on the sleeping part. We did not know when to eat because we were never told about the schedule. We just knew we had to be ready for anything. It has definitely been one of the greatest weeks for me. Being challenged physically and mentally this way, I love it; and it is great to know I can beat great athletes.

“It is a big thing for me that even though I am not in my greatest form, I can beat world champions who live off their running. It was my will to win that made me keep going. It was so great!” she said.

Some of the physical challenges Amanda undertook included climbing a vertical bridge using a rope, diving to eight metres in seawater with no instruments, swimming under stress, mountain biking and desert car racing.

She is competing against Denmark’s best table tennis player Mie Skov(yellow hat), Denmark’s best handball player Trine Troelsen (blue hat), and Miss Denmark Lisa Lents(red hat), a European champion in Taekwondo.