DANA GROSS RHODE: Thank you all for joining us. Lorena, welcome to the Evian Masters interview room. You are currently the No. 1 player on the Rolex rankings. You’ve always done very, very well, many top fives and runner up finishes here at the Evian Masters. How is your outlook for 2009?

LORENA OCHOA: Thank you. Hello everybody. Well, I’m just happy to be here one more year. Like ever year, it’s been beautiful. The course looks very healthy. I think it’s in great shape.
Also, we’ll see how the weather is for the next couple days, but I think we should be positive. Like I say, I like the course. I think it’s been good for my game. Hopefully it continues.
I feel comfortable. I been practicing good, and I can’t wait to start the tournament to give myself a good chance to win on Sunday.

DANA GROSS RHODE: Okay. We’ll take questions.

Q. In 2008, your book of souvenirs was full of wins. This year, you have just a couple of pages written down.


Q. Can we expect you to add another page here, and what will be next week strategy to win the British?

LORENA OCHOA: I’m not thinking about the British. I’m just thinking about this week. This is what is important right now.
I’m happy with two wins. It’s not always easy. I’m trying to do my best. We have big tournaments coming to finish the year, so I’m gonna try my best to keep winning.

Q. In the field here or elsewhere, who are today the real competitors? Far East players? American players? A mixed bag of them?

LORENA OCHOA: I never play or when I play, I never think in other players. I only try to play any game. That’s the only thing I can control. Just try to make as many birdies as I can.
The competition is tough. Could be an Asian, could be European, could be American player. They’re from all over the world, and the competition is in a very high level.
So I’m just gonna do it like I always do: Just try to play my game the best way and be out there.

Q. What prompted you to change caddies in the last month? I know your caddie had an injury.

LORENA OCHOA: Uh huh, I believe the caddie that I have right now, his name is Greg Johnson, he’s very experienced. He been here for a long time. He caddied for Juli Inkster for more than 12 years. I believe that he’s somebody that can help me to be a better player, to win more tournaments, and that’s why I made the change.
So I know it’s a risk, but it’s something that I feel comfortable with, and I’m gonna be positive and continue playing tournaments.

Q. Obviously you might find a soft course tomorrow. Does this suit better your game than a dry course?

LORENA OCHOA: I think it’s the same. Same conditions for all of us is what we try to think. Sometimes the tougher the better; sometimes the longer the better for me or for the longer hitters so we can hitting 8 iron, 7 irons, instead of hitting a 5 iron.
It’s a little bit easier. So I’m gonna try to see how, judge how the course is playing tomorrow with all the rain, and try to adjust to that.