BETHAN CUTLER: We would like to welcome the tournament leader Anja Monke from Germany, a 68 today with six birdies and one double bogey at the 11th. So would you start by talking about the double bogey?
ANJA MONKE: They shorted the hole a little bit today, so it played very short. I tried to go for the pin which was a really bad decision because it ended up in the bunker behind the flag. In the bunker there really was not that much sand, so I couldn’t get it out as short as I wanted to.
So it went like 12 metres past the flag, and then yeah, I had a 12 metre putt for par obviously, and I missed that one, that went like three metres past, and I missed that one again.
So, yeah, that was a double bogey.

BETHAN CUTLER: And some of the highlights, maybe, as well.
ANJA MONKE: Well, I made a lot of birdies. Obviously if you make a double bogey and you still score 4 under, you have six birdies, and that’s what I did on 2, 3, 6, and on the back nine on 13, 16 and 18. Yeah, I like that better than 11.

BETHAN CUTLER: What do you need to do tomorrow? You already won once this year; you know how to do it. Can you tell us how you plan to do it again?
ANJA MONKE: I just plan on playing well tomorrow and see what’s going to happen, because I can’t really influence what the others are playing.
So it’s just for me to play well, and that’s what my target is for tomorrow.

Q. When you signed your card, I assume you thought you were joint leader; did you?
ANJA MONKE: Yeah, well, I didn’t really think about that. I just signed my card for 68 and I was pretty happy about that.

Q. Are you surprised you now have a two shot lead?
ANJA MONKE: I don’t know what really happened. I didn’t look at the scoreboard on the way in. I don’t know, I just heard some rumours. You probably know better than I do.

Q. Obviously that increases your chances.
ANJA MONKE: Well, I mean, there’s 18 holes of golf to play tomorrow, and I mean, a lot can happen out there. All of us know that. So I just have to focus on my game and see what is going.

Q. I’m sure it’s going to be a big day for you, but even you will be aware that the focus is going to be on Annika Sorenstam playing her last 18 holes. Can you just give your thoughts on Annika and what will you be thinking about her tomorrow, not during the round maybe, but before or after?
ANJA MONKE: Well, first of all, I have to say, it’s really sad, because I play behind Annika, so I can’t see her walking up the 18th hole, which is really sad. Yeah, that’s really sad, actually, because that’s her last round and it’s her last tournament. I think it’s so great that she played on the LET where she actually started many, many years ago.
She is, of course, one of my idols and she is I think an idol or every girl who touches a golf club. She’s done many, many good things for women’s golf and I think without her, we wouldn’t be here today.

Q. If she somehow shoots a miraculous score and she goes ahead of you, will you be feeling really bad for yourself or will you be feeling happy for her?
ANJA MONKE: Well, of course, I just want to play well, and if she plays better than I do, it’s fine. I’ll be happy for her. Because if she posted a really low number, or I played really bad, or whatever, it’s good. I will still feel happy for her. She’s great, no question. I think everybody of us will miss her.