ANZ Ladies Masters
Royal Pines Resort
The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Round two leader quotes
Saturday 8th February 2008

Karrie Webb 69-67=136 (-8)

Q. Karrie, another fine round. Would you like to sum up the round?
Yeah. I’m obviously very pleased to shoot five under today and be tied for the lead going into the final day. The wind picked up quite a bit on the back nine and it was from a direction, playing here as many years as I have which is apparently 16 Bob told me the other day that I haven’t played that wind very often at all. So the course played quite differently this afternoon. It was a little tricky but all in all very happy.

Q. Karrie it looked pretty hard work. Particularly the last three or four holes. You holed crucial putts on 16 and 17. Was that the way you felt out there?
Yes. I just hit a really bad shot on 16. I hit it really fat. I was trying to hit a really low shot in there to keep it out of the wind but I didn’t catch it the way I liked. Obviously made a great par putt there. Then I made a nice up and down on 17 but that was a completely different hole 17 today. With the wind being straight into you off the tee there it was just, to want to stand up on the tee and let it run down the left side, it was hard to stand up there and commit to that. I was happy to get it up and down there. I put two good swings on my drive and my eight iron into the last and made a nice one.

Q. What did you hit into 17?
I hit a seven-iron.

Q. You described your round yesterday as ugly. How would you describe your ball striking today?
It was hot and cold. I didn’t drive it very well today, again. I drove it better on the back nine but the front nine was very poor. I made a good save at the first and I was in thr trees on the seventh hole and got it on the green. All in all I didn’t feel very comfortable with my driver and that needs to be better. This is a course where you can get away with driving it poorly I think, which I clearly have in the last two days. I’d like to tighten that up. Then I feel I’m swinging my irons good enough. If I’m on the fairway I’m hitting some good shots in there.

Q. Will you work on your driver now?
I might. It’s pretty hot out there so I won’t be grinding on the range but I might go and hit it for ten minutes or so.

Q. You said it was a bit difficult mentally after last week. How do you feel you’ve done this week?
I think I’ve done pretty well. I’ve switched off a couple of times which I sort of get on myself about. I think the penalty here for switching off is a lot less than it was at Kingston Heath. There are no excuses for switching off and I can’t afford to do that tomorrow.

Q. Does your experience around this course help?
I do feel good around this course and to be able to manufacture eight under and not feel like I’ve hit it extremely well bodes well if I could get things going tomorrow.

Q. Karrie, there are over 10 within three shots going into tomorrow. Does that change the plan of attack?
Yes. You are going to have to shoot a low score. Again, that’s the three round worth as opposed to the four. For that many people to shoot really low two days in a row is a lot to ask but you can probably see ten of those 20 shoot low tomorrow if the weather allows for it. You can’t go out there and play defensive. It’s definitely a course you have to attack.

Q. You share the same coach as Tamie Durdin, although these days you probably don’t see very much of him. Everyone says that she is a great ball striker and a very talented player but she is a player that perhaps needs the confidence. What is your perception of Tamie?
I think Tamie is probably the biggest under achiever – Australian player wise. I think she has got more talent in her little toe than 90 percent of the players in the field this week. I think even Tamie would say that coming out of college in the States she would have expected better results. It’s just such a fine line between having a lot of success and sort of struggling. It’s very hard to pin point, especially when she hits the ball as well as she does. I would see her feeling pretty confident tomorrow. I think this course would probably suit her game. She hits the ball a mile so all the par fives would probably be reachable for her. She is probably someone to watch.

Q. This tournament is unusual in that there are only a few Australians in the top 20 or so. I haven’t seen that in a while. Have you?
I guess not. I saw Tamie up there at the start of my round today and on the leader board you only see five or six names so it’s hard to see where everybody is.

Q. Will you be keeping a close look on the leader boards tomorrow Karrie?
I always do. Whether I’m in the tournament or not I’m always looking to see how things are going.

Tamie Durdin 69-67=136 (-8)

Q. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome Tamie Durdin. That must have been a particularly satisfying way to finish with a birdie at the last.

It was a good way to finish actually because the course is playing fairly accessible. You can get to a lot of pins out there. I think getting it to eight was pretty good. I think that the leader today will be in double figures. I think Karrie or one of the other girls out there will get to double figures.

Q. How did you take six at the fourth?
My foot slipped and I hit this huge block and its hit a tree. I didn’t realise there was a water hazard there actually. It got stuck under some branches of a tree and on some rocks so I considered playing it but took my drop. I hit it in the bunker, hit a really good bunker shot and lipped out for bogey.
I had just a bit too much speed and lipped out. Took a double then made birdie, birdie, par, birdie. I had four birdies in five holes after that so it was good and my momentum kept going.

Q. It was a great come back wasn’t it?
Yes. It took a while to get going.

Q. How much did it affect you, knowing that you were on the clock?
I knew that I was going along quite well so it didn’t really concern me. I knew that we were going to get out of position after that hole because the scorer that we had, her radio wasn’t working properly. She could hear other people coming in but she couldn’t radio people out so it took a while to get a rules official. That’s why it took a bit of time. The Korean girl that I played with got a penalty which was unfortunate because thenm on the tee at 11 the rules official left and we were 30 seconds under the time that we needed.

Q. Did it bother you?
No. I play with rules officials every week. I’m pretty used to it. I don’t think I’m that slow but I have a bit of a mosey around I guess.

Q. Inaudible question.
I think I do know. Because I’ve had trust and belief issues I have obviously failed at the finish line. It’s really a matter of me trusting myself. I’m playing well out there and hitting a lot of quality shots. It’s trying to stay calm and in the moment. Not getting flustered and trying to continue to hit my shots and not worry what anyone else is doing. It’s the same old cliché. It’s really a matter of me trusting myself because I know that I can do it.

Q. How has your form been?
It’s been sort of up and down. The tournaments that I was in contention I probably should have won the Bridgestone Open with seven under the first round because seven under actually won it. I finished 73, 73 and finished fourth or fifth. I really should have won that tournament. I had another really good chance to win over there and just didn’t get it done. I think with how I’m feeling now, another year on, I feel a lot more confidence that the first win will come this year.
It is very frustrating because in terms of ball striking, I’m in the top five in the world. That’s what Ian tells me anyway. I think I’ve got all the tools there I think it’s really just a matter of trusting myself and putting it on the line. Saying, come on, you’ve hit this shot millions of times. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, I think.

Q. Do you have a psychologist?
It’s pretty much Triggsy actually. I’ve done a little bit of work with Noel Burnell? We work so closely together that a lot of what he says is what Noel has said so I think it’s the same sort of philosophy.

Q. Inaudible question.
I was a bit disappointed with 40th last week because I actually hit it really well. I was really happy with the way I played. I finished poorly the first day – I finished double bogy, bogey, which put me at five over. It was pretty difficult in the first round. It was windy all day. I would have like to have got in the house at two under but it put me in good stead finishing that way. I played good the last day and had a triple on a par three. The par threes killed me last week. I had a double and a triple so that was pretty much my tournament right there. I felt that I struck the ball good and didn’t hole enough putts. I knew that coming into this week I was hitting the ball well and I don’t mind this course. It’s quite open and you can hit the driver.

Q. Question about the approach shot to the last hole?
I had 107 yards.

Okay, thank you Tamie.
I hope I see you tomorrow.

Hyun-Ju Shin (through an interpreter) 68-68=136 (-8)

Q. Are you happy with the way you finished your round today?
I am pretty pleased with my score today. It is the same score as yesterday; four under. I am a little disappointed with my two bogeys on the back nine.

Q. You had a three putt bogey on 16. Where was the other bogey?
The par-three 14th.

Q. Have you played in this event before?
No. It’s the first time.

Q. We are not surprised to see the name Shin on the top of the leader board but we thought it would be the other Shin. Are you surprised to be there?
I can play just as well as Ji-Yai so please keep on watching the tournament.

Q. How old are you?

Q. You play in Korea mainly?
No in Japan.

Q. Have you won tournaments in Japan?
Yes, two times.

Q. You are a short hitter but straight. What is the strength of your game?
Because my drives are not long I practise on my short game. That is my strength.

Q. How long was the birdie putt on the 15th?
Five metres.

Q. How many years have you been playing in Japan?
It’s my fourth year on the Japanese Tour.

Q. How did you find the course?
The rough is not as long as I expected it to be but it’s still very difficult. Even if I hit an accurate shot I have to calculate the wind factor.