LAURA NEIL: Beth, thanks for coming in. Sorry we’re late. I know you played this course after the British. But just your impressions now that we’re in the Solheim Cup. BETH DANIEL: Well, when I came here the day after the British, we had the exact opposite wind, which I believe is the prevailing wind. So today it played quite a bit differently because of the wind direction. But it’s a tough golf course. It’s going to play very difficult, I think.

BETH DANIEL: I only saw the Golf Channel telecast Sunday night. I flew home Sunday night after the event in Reading, Pennsylvania. I saw the Golf Channel. And I think that they felt like Pat Hurst should have been a pick. There’s a very good argument for Pat Hurst being a pick. There would have been a very good argument for in my mind I think Daniel Amaccapane could have been a pick. But certainly Pat probably would have been the most controversial because she does have a very good Solheim Cup record. She would have been another veteran to add to the team. That’s why they call them captain’s picks. And Patty obviously had a feeling about her two picks. And I think they’re very good picks. Other than that, I don’t know. I didn’t see a lot of controversy about it, no, in the States. I know they made mention of it on the Golf Channel, but then I kind of try to not read that sort of stuff. That’s the only thing I saw. They really didn’t make a huge point about it.

Q. How do you feel about your game, having recently won? And you’re obviously playing very good golf. Do you figure your game is in really good shape? BETH DANIEL: Yes. Obviously I’ve had a very good year. It’s been a great year. For me to have won and especially go down to the wire the last nine holes against Julie Inkster, it meant a lot for me to do that. I felt like I could be back in the winner’s circle for a long time. And to finally do that felt very, very good. I feel pretty good about my game. Not a whole lot of complaints.

Q. And physically you’re in good shape? BETH DANIEL: Physically I’m in as good a shape as I probably have ever been in, which I always have my issues, those are always there, and I just try to get around them as best I can.