By The 2017 European Solheim Cup Captain, Annika…

As I write this note the snow is coming down hard, the ground is covered with new fluffy powder and the feel of Christmas is in the air. It brings back memories of my childhood in Sweden, memories I’m so happy to share with my children as we celebrate the holidays in Tahoe.

This is a perfect time of the year to unwind and recharge. So I urge you to spend time with family and friends and to splurge on a holiday feast, whether it’s Swedish herring in a smorgasbord, lamb, turkey or chocolate delights.

The holidays are also a time for reflection. It’s been a good year for golf, both men’s and women’s. History was made in the Olympics and we witnessed some exceptional play on all the professional tours. I’m very thankful for the last 12 months.

During my playing career I always used the December tournament break to analyse my results and performances. I turned to my spread sheet to review my statistics and made a plan for how to improve my weaknesses in the upcoming year.

I still do the same today. My goals are to improve every year, although now they revolve around inspiring more kids with my foundation initiatives, creating inspirational experiences for golfers of all abilities on my course designs and, most importantly, being a great mom and wife.

As the year wraps up, I would like to wish you a restful and joyful Christmas, and may your New Year be happy and healthy.



ANNIKA “share my passion”