Breanne Loucks says she is almost “too excited” as she prepares to make her debut for Wales with Becky Brewerton at the Comunitat Valenciana European Nations Cup.

The 22-year-old made making the team a goal last year and now that she has achieved her target she “cannot wait to play.”

“It was one of my goals and to represent my country alongside Becky is a real honour and I feel very proud,” said Loucks. “I seriously cannot wait to get started with the tournament.”

Brewerton and Loucks are teeing up for the first time together as professionals although they will be practising at Desert Springs in Spain ahead of the tournament.

Brewerton, 27, said: “I’ve known Breanne since she was very young when I was on the verge of leaving the amateur game she was the new kid on the block and was always talked about as a future star. I’m really looking forward to teaming up with her as I believe our games are well suited and we both have the confidence to believe we can go out and win the event.”

Loucks added: “I know Becky quite well. Unfortunately I just missed her as an amateur. She turned pro the same year I moved up into the Ladies International Squad so we didn’t play together as amateurs but I did play with Becky last year in the Dubai pro-am; we had a lot of fun and I really enjoy playing with her.

“I think our games will complement each other really well. I think we both play sensibly and know when it’s time to be aggressive and when it’s time to play safe or sensible. We already have a great team spirit and look out for one another all the time. She has been really supportive as soon as I turned pro and she has helped me with a lot of things, mainly off-course business stuff.

“I think we have a great chance of winning. We have a really good team including caddies. I’m really going out there to enjoy myself, enjoy playing with Brew and get stuck in. The outcome is really out of our control; we’ll stick to our game plan and processes and what will be, will be!”

Brewerton is working with caddie Shane Codd this year, so Loucks will team up with Brewerton’s former bagman, Craig Barber-Ball, for the tournament.

Both caddies are well known for their sense of humour and are likely to keep the Welsh team relaxed and entertained on the golf course.

“I am having Craig Barber-Ball as my caddie; he was Becky’s caddie last year,” Loucks explained. “We get on really well and I think he is going to help me relax and enjoy it. He obviously has some great experience so I’m sure he will have a few tricks up his sleeve. He has done well in Spain before and also caddied on this course before so I think he was a good choice.”

Brewerton said: “My caddie is Shane Codd. He has been on the tour for a few years and caddied for Paula Marti last season. He’s Irish so he might have one eye on how they are doing as well.

“Myself and Shane have only done three events together so far but I must say we have gelled very quickly and it already feels like he knows my game inside out. I like Shane because he is a very cool character on the course and he never runs out of things to say. I like to have a chat on the course and I feel confident in him as he does a great job as a caddie. It makes a big difference to have someone that you believe in and trust 100 per cent.”

Both Brewerton and Loucks have tasted success in Spain. Brewerton won her second Ladies European Tour title at the 2009 Open de Espana Femenino, while Loucks tied for runner-up spot in the same tournament.

Along with a number of other top ten finishes in Spain, Brewerton has also been second in Tenerife three times.

She explained: “It’s really strange because I’ve always felt very much at home in Spain. I spend a lot of the winter months at Desert Springs and to be honest I almost enjoy the Spanish way of life more than the British one. I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I’m thinking of moving to Spain on a permanent basis. I just need to give myself some more time to learn the language first and then I think I would like to live there.”

With two Solheim Cup appearances and four World Cups under her belt, Brewerton is the more experienced competitor but Loucks absolutely loves team events, having last played for Wales 18 months ago at her home course, Wrexham Golf Club, in the 2008 Home Internationals.

“Wales won for the first time in donkeys’ years. It was amazing!” Loucks said. “It’s been 18 months since I played my last team event and I do miss it. The way you have someone else there to celebrate your holed putt, great drive or amazing iron shot, and obviously when you win, there’s nothing better than celebrating it with someone that is enjoying it as much as you!”

The players are also hoping to be the best dressed as they step out in national colours.

“Breanne is in charge of that so with her style I’m sure we will be looking as good as we can,” Brewerton said. “We are going to have some dragons put on our shirts and have a few accessories for our bags that will make sure everybody knows where we are from!”

Loucks added: “Well the motto is look great, feel great, play great: so hopefully we will look super hot!”