Gwladys Nocera

Brooky is looking to secure her fourth Tour win after winning the 1998 Ladies Austrian Open as well as back to back French Open titles in 2002 and 2003. That would secure her place in the prestigious Evian Masters tournament, which takes place in July and is an event she always plays well in.

“A win here would mean a lot to me. I said to my caddie Gerald I need to win before Evian otherwise we don’t play, so that’s the whole guts of what I’ve been thinking,” she admitted.

Brooky took a brief lesson on the range from her new coach Di Barnard before today’s round, which gave her the confidence to “get the ball in the hole”. As well as being the LET’s Vice Chairman, Barnard is also an LET player who coaches at “Urban Golf” in the UK.

“I was hitting it not too good this morning and it was raining so I called my coach Di who said I was being a bit too anxious,” explained Brooky. “She said I was hitting the ball fine and just told me to breathe a little bit more and to wait patiently. She thinks everything is great so I trust her. My caddie Gerald is picking some good clubs so I trust him as well.

“Di gave me a new beginning to the swing last week and she got me back over the right foot. I tend to get on the left foot on my backswing which is a bad thing to do. She’s got me back in there and I’m playing much stronger and more aggressively now. She’s a very good coach and I rate her as one of the best.”