With fewer than seven months remaining until the biennial match at Killeen Castle in Ireland, Europe’s Solheim Cup captain on Annika, attitude and bringing the trophy home.

It’s going to be fantastic to be at home and be the home captain.

The home advantage with the support of the fans is going to be huge for us. I know a lot of people that are coming to the event. There’s a big group from Yorkshire, a group from Cheshire and then the Irish supporters will be fantastic because they are so passionate about the game and so it is going to be tremendous for the European team.

It will be great going to the Kraft Nabisco Championship at the end of March.

I’m going to see Annika, who is one of my vice-captains, to chat to her and connect with as many players as possible. I’m also going to the Comunitat Valenciana European Nations Cup, Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open, Evian Masters presented by Société Genérale, the Ricoh Women’s British Open and the AIB Ladies Irish Open. I’ll be connecting with the players that make the automatic spots and watching various players that I’m interested in, in terms of my captain’s picks. I will just see how the players perform under pressure and if their game suits Killeen.

It’s the whole team.

My picks will be players that are in form more than anything. I’m due to discuss everything with Annika at the Kraft Nabisco Championship to get her input and thoughts about the team and Captain’s picks.


Annika suggested that I go on Twitter which I have done but I do not perhaps write on it enough. I will make a greater effort over the next seven months as the main run of activities start building up. Annika is very good at the business side and need to take a leaf out of her book.  

European winners.

I am confident that the Europeans will win many tournaments this season and I know the girls are really up for The Solheim Cup, so this should be an exciting season for all to watch as all the players prepare to play their way into the European side.   


I do think that we are the underdogs again if you look at the two potential sides on paper in relation to the world rankings, the Americans have a very, very good side and we can never underestimate them and it is going to be a tough match. We proved last time that we can compete right up there with them and we have a bunch of exciting young players coming through so it is going to be exciting.

I don’t feel the heat.

I feel much more relaxed about my captaincy this time because I have experienced what it is like in the heat of Solheim week in that role. So I know what to expect which helps enormously, however I will not take my foot off the pedal and will still prepare as well as last time but in a much more relaxed fashion.


I will be talking to all the players and tapping into my Vice-Captains’ ideas relating to the singles and see what we can come up with. The past is for reference: nothing more. It does not shape the future so we need to move on and not get stuck there.