Learn more about the personality of the 18-year-old Solheim Cup star who is currently the LET’s No.3 ranked player. 

Where were you born?

I was born in Kettering General Hospital, just off the road from where I live now. Kettering Golf Club, is the first golf course I started at and it is the closest to where I live (five minutes) and then, when I was 10, I went to Woburn Golf Club, which is 40 minutes away.

How did you start golf?

I started to play golf when was two years old as my dad played golf and my next door neighbour, Ben, who was also two, we used to play together. I hit and chipped… I can’t remember. I liked it and enjoyed it. I live 1.5 hours north of London, in Northamptonshire, in a town called Pytchley. There is not really anything special there, just my friends… and the clubs and pubs, that I enjoy with my friends.

What can you tell us about your home town?

I would not move from my town, which I could say is a good-sized town. My favourite place would be “Abacus”, a club. I like to go out every weekend when I am home, which is not very often.

What are your home comforts?

Fish and chips, Sunday dinner, roast beef or chicken, cooked by my mum and I also like to watch ‘Dr Who’ (a TV series).

What else do you like doing when at home?

I take the dog ‘Coby’ for a walk over the “Hardy Gardy” and also, I would recommend you to visit London, which is only 40 minutes by train.

How do you normally spend a weekend?

On Friday I would do a gym session and practice all day. After I come back home around 5pm and I will go to a pub and hang out with my friends. We are around 20 friends in total.

On Saturday I do another gym session (stretching) in the early morning. I like it and I do it because I also want to look good. Then, I practice for two hours, have a lesson and then play 18 holes. Then we go to Nando’s on the way back and then I would go home and go to the pubs to see my friends. I go back home around 8pm and get ready to go out around 10pm and go out with friends again.

On Sunday I wake up between 8.30am and 9am, relaxed and watch TV all morning until around 3pm. Then I go to hit some balls at Kettering Golf Club and come back to relax again.

Who are your favourite celebrities and golfers from your home country?

David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Ian Poulter and Amy Boulden. My role model is Seve Ballesteros.

What do you miss from home the most when travelling on tour?

Going out with my friends.