Dubai Ladies Masters
Emirates Golf Club
Dubai, U.A.E.
Saturday 15th December, 2007
Round three Interviews

Iben Tinning (Denmark) 72-68-67 (-9)

Q. It was a shaky start but you recovered well.
Iben Tinning: I didn’t really expect any of this happening to me so I should be happy. I hadn’t played in a tournament for six weeks before India so I’m just happy being out there. I love the golf course, it’s an absolutely fantastic place.

Q. You made a charge on the back nine.
Iben Tinning: I think the back nine is a bit more approachable. It’s a bit of a tough start.

Q. Are you feeling good for tomorrow?
Iben Tinning: I’ve got no expectations of myself. I’ll just try and go out there and make as many birdies as I can. I don’t know if I have to have a great start to win because every day I’ve come back really nicely. Whatever happens, happens.

Laura Davies (England) 67-70-71 (-8)

Q. On her triple bogey at 13:
Laura Davies: That was difficult. That was hard to take. We had a perfect five iron number but the wind was gusting. I hit it a little bit heavy and the wind took over.
We had 197 which downhill was a perfect distance. It was right for a five-iron; there was no reason not to hit it. We considered a four-iron but we wanted an eagle there. We wanted to try and put some distance between us and then of course I duffed the nest one. It’s very difficult chipping, you get the odd sandy lie. It didn’t look sandy, it looked like a great lie, but then I duffed it in the drink again, which was one of those things. I came back well from that. That’s what you’ve got to do, You can’t get down on yourself. That was a freak hole and hopefully that’s the only one I’ll have this week.

Q. You’re now only one behind.
Laura Davies: There are some top players on the top of the leader board so its a simple thing to say, but it’s basically a four-way shoot-out. Any one who shoots the best round will win because one shot between four of us is nothing so you’ve got to go out tomorrow and be very aggressive, make lots of birdies, try not to make too many mistakes and probably a 67 would win it.

Q. How did you find the conditions?
Laura Davies: It’s been a different wind every day. Normally you get to a golf course and you find there’s one wind and you get pretty comfortable over every tee shot. Today it was different again and you had to re-think your lines off the tees. That wass the trickiest thing, adjusting to where you wanted to drive the ball.

Q. Was this the toughest wind today?
Laura Davies: No, I think it was pretty easy out there today. Weholed nothing today, not one putt, whereas yesterday we holed two tramliners on 16 and 17. Today I missed a very short one on 16. All in all one hole has cost me a very decent lead in the tournament. There you go. It’s all to play for tomorrow. You want a chance to win on Sunday and I’ve got a chance.
The eagle was nice. I was trying to eagle the last. I was trying to hole that second shot actually but I keep getting in that sandy area and it’s such a scary shot over the water.