The South African 2010 Henderson Money List winner talks us through 18 holes at DLF Golf and Country Club, hosting the Hero Women’s Indian Open this week.

Hole 1

335 yards/306 metres par 4

Hole number one is short. I hit a three-wood with a small draw off the tee and probably some sort of wedge or nine-iron into the green. The green slopes left to right and that’s the only tricky part about it.

Hole 2

366 yards/335 metres par 4

Driver, definitely. It becomes really narrow where your driver finishes and then it’s about a seven-iron into the green. There’s nothing fancy about the green, you just have to stay near the pin again.

Hole 3

150 yards/137 metres par 3

This has been shortened this year so I think it’s about a seven-iron. It slopes back to front, most of them you have to stay short of the hole, but a big slope and if you are left or right of the pin it’s going to be a big turn.

Hole 4

386 yards/353 metres par 4

I think that’s quite a long hole. You have to keep the ball down the left side because it slopes right and kicks down a bit so it’s going to be a six or seven-iron in. The green is a bit firmer than the others.

Hole 5

428 yards/391 metres par 4

This is a long, narrow hole where the fairway slopes from right to left. You have to keep it on the right side. The rough is quite hectic on the left so if you are in it, it’s hard to hit the green. A funny green: it’s quite narrow in the front and the back so you have to make sure that you are pin-high. You cannot lose it to the eight because it slopes down and you will miss the green if you hit anything right of the pin.

Hole 6

476 yards/435 metres par 5

A reachable par five. It’s quite a tricky shot into the green and not a lot of space but you can lay it up pretty easily and have an easy pitch. The only tricky part about this green is there’s a hollow in the middle so you have to make sure you get it up to the pin. It spins back a little also with a wedge.

Hole 7

342 yards/313 metres par 4

A very narrow hole: probably the narrowest on the course. You have to keep an eye on the left but you can hit driver over the trees, which is my option, and you have a small wedge in. It’s a tricky green.

Hole 8

132 yards/121 metres par 3

It’s a pretty easy hole, I think. Nine or eight-iron into the green and not too much about the green, so I think this is a birdie hole.

Hole 9

513 yards/470 metres par 5

You could go over the bunker with a driver but it’s only 220 to run out and there’s water on the right so it’s probably not a good idea. I hit five-wood, five-wood and a small wedge into the green.

Out 3128 yards, 2921 metres, par 36

Hole 10

345 yards/316 metres par 4

I think this is a fairly easy hole. It’s a wider fairway, so driver. I think it’s an eight iron but you can’t miss the green on the right because it slopes down a little bit.

Hole 11

163 yards/149 metres par 3

Over the water, this is a really good hole. Six or five iron to the back. I think it kicks away a bit so you have to land it quite softly with a shot in there. It’s tricky, especially if the wind comes up.

Hole 12

400 yards/366 metres par 4

This is a fairly easy hole: driver and a big fairway, so easier to hit. Not much about the green.

Hole 13

405 yards/370 metres par 4

Left side of the fairway has OB running parallel all the way to the green. This one you just play for the middle of the green for the second.

Hole 14

496 yards/453 metres par 5

This is a lay-up and lay-up again. I think I hit rescue off the tee. Keep it on the left side because there are trees on the right. It’s a five-iron lay-up and a nine-iron or wedge into the green. The green is raised and you have to come in a little bit softer. It’s a smaller green.

Hole 15

324 yards/296 metres par 4

This is a birdie hole, definitely. It’s a high draw off the tee and a dog left to the left. Last year it was hard to hold the green with a wedge, but I think the greens were harder last year. This year it stops a little better.

Hole 16

169 yards/155 metres par 3

This is a very good hole. The green has a tier and it’s a really big slopey green so you have to keep it below. At the same time there is water short of the green so that makes it quite hard. It’s a six or five-iron.

Hole 17

304 yards/278 metres par 4

This is a very tight hole and I think I had a rescue off the tee. Keep it down the left as it slopes to the water on the right then just a normal pitch. Some people go for the green in one; I think Laura might go for this one. It’s a short hole but could be fairly difficult if the wind blows.

Hole 18

468 yards/428 metres par 5

This is a tight drive but if you’re in the middle of the fairway then you have a hybrid or sometimes even a five-iron or four-iron into the green. It could be an easy hole, but it also could be deadly.

In: 3074 yards, 2811 metres, par 36

Total: 6202 yards, 5732 metres, par 72