The most important art exhibition ever, relating to golf, has gone on display at Santiago Echeberría Gallery in Madrid, at 120, Castelló Street.

The exhibition, which is unprecedented in terms of its quality, was first unveiled at the Comunitat Valenciana European Nations Cup at La Sella Resort in Spain this April. The tournament was eventually won by the Swedish team of Anna Nordqvist and Sophie Gustafson after a play-off against the Australian team of Karrie Webb and Karen Lunn.

Renowned for its expertise in contemporary realism, Santiago Echeberría Gallery has assembled an ecelctic group of Spanish artists, to focus on paintings with the theme taken from the world of golf.

José Luis Corella, Javier Banegas, Eloy Morales, Francisco Roa, Alejandro Carpintero, Pedro Campos, Luis Perez and Fernandez Pinedo, among others, frequently have their works displayed in Arco or prestigious galleries in London, but have focused their energies on the sport of golf and in some cases, on particular views of the European Nations , to form a unique exhibition of the highest quality.

The paintings, valued between 2,000 and 20,000 Euros, reflect different perspectives on the sport of golf as part of a pioneering initiative which was partly exhibited during the European Nations Cup at the Marriott Hotel in La Sella Golf Resort (Denia, Alicante, Spain).

‘In this exhibition each artist has brought golf to his personal view, so the range, above all, has cared for the interest from the artistic point of view” said gallery owner Santiago Echeberría. The exhibition, in conjunction with Deporte & Business, the European Nations Cup event promoter, is unique because of its high quality and theme and has presented a milestone in the history of the sport of golf.