“During the events I helped out and was supplying tickets to formula1.com clients as well as doing security on the starting grid. This is the only chance you have to go on the grid and be next to all the cars and drivers when they start. Not only can you hear the power of the cars, you can really feel it when they start – and you are standing just a metre from the whole field as they pass!”

Eva’s first F1 event was the Austrian Grand Prix, which took place near her home in Spielberg. Before the event was cancelled in 2003, her manager ran a Grand Prix charity golf day, where Eva played alongside drivers including Kimi Raikonnen, Alex Wurz, Pedro de la Rosa, Mika Hakinnen, David Couldhard, Nick Heidfeld and Philippe Massa.

Eva added: “It is very interesting to get a look behind the scenes at Formula1 and to get access to the paddock and watch the preparation of the cars and drivers and see how professionally the sport is run.

“It is amazing that more than 4000 people including team members, media, security, VIP staff and caterers etc travel around the world. You leave the paddock in Melbourne on Sunday night and will meet the same people and see the same setup three days later in Kuala Lumpur!” In that respect F1 is not so different to the LET!

Now in her third year on the LET, Eva is working hard to get her golf going the way she´d like it to be. Her career best finsih on the LET so far is ninth at the 2006 Open de Espana.

At the end of September, just after the French Open, she will travel to Mission Hills in China and from there will head to the Japanese and Chinese Grand Prix before coming back to the tour for the final tournaments in Korea, India and Dubai. To find out more about Eva Steinberger and her wealth of sponsors, log on to www.evasteinberger.at.