This week at the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open has been a family affair for co-leader Danielle Kang as her brother Alex is on the bag.

“My brother keeps saying “Be Patient. Be Patient. You can’t get too ahead of yourself.” Having him on my bag really helps,” Kang said.

While Alex has been terrific on the bag, there are still some drawbacks to traveling as a brother-sister combo. “It’s funny,” Kang admitted. “He snores at night so I have earplugs now. I went a bought earplugs but it’s ok he keeps me relaxed. I’m usually really intense and uptight and I have a strict schedule but then he just goes “chill”. It’s really nice just because I’m way more relaxed on the golf course or at home so it’s good.”

The Kangs seem to be enjoying the week even though they haven’t found much time to explore the area. “I wanted to show my brother a kangaroo and koalas and that kind of stuff but we haven’t quite had the time to get there yet,” Kang said. “Yesterday I said “do you want to go to the zoo?” and he’s like “No. I’m too tired. I’ve been carrying your bag!”