Rebecca Hudson (England)

Was it an unexpected victory?
Yes. I didn’t expect Anne-Lise to bogey the last in regulation play so to actually get into the play-off and then win it, I’m thrilled.

What were your thoughts when you saw her ball in the bunker on the 18th?
I didn’t see it as I was going into the clubhouse. Anne-Lise is a long hitter so can get on in two. At worst on 18 you make a five so when I saw it on the bunker I thought she’d just get it on and two putt. Pressure or however the situation is took its toll and what happened, happened.

Which victory do you prefer, this one or the 2006 event in Hungary?
I think this one. People say to win your first is difficult but I’ve come close a few times since then and to win this one is good. This one means a lot.

Tenerife is a great place for you, isn’t it?
I love Tenerife and Spain. I love the weather and I like the golf courses. I will definitely come back and defend my title.

You probably would agree that it was very unexpected because Anne-Lise only needed a par on the 18th. What was going through your mind when you saw her in the bunker in a difficult lie?
I did not expect her to make any mistakes. Making a five on that hole is a bit like a dropped shot because it is quite a short par five but it was playing into the wind today. It was difficult so I didn’t expect her to make a six. When she did it was a bit of a shock but I managed to hole that 12 footer on the first way round and that was crucial.

Two wins this year in Spain. What do you like most about it?
I like the heat.

How will you celebrate your victory?
I will go and get some dinner and a bottle of champagne will be involved. I’ll definitely have a nice bottle of something tonight.

Anne-Lise Caudal (France)

How are you feeling right now after losing the play-off?
I am happy with my day. I played good today but just made a bogey on the 18th. After I played well in the play-off but Rebecca made a good shot on the 17th. I’m happy with my result and my month.

What happened in the bunker on the 18th?
The sand is not very easy here and you don’t know what the ball can do. I hit a good shot but I don’t know.

What will you do now?
I will go home, play in two pro-ams, relax and practise with my coach. I will do a little practise before the Irish Open.