Gwladys Nocera, France 72 69 67=208 (-11)
This is number five for you this year. What does it mean to you?
It means a lot this week because I won two weeks ago and then I went to the French Open hoping to win. It was pretty hard there. I was playing well. I knew this week was important for the New Star Money List and it’s big for me because that was the plan at the beginning of the year. It is a big thing for me and I’m just happy I did it. I was telling Raf on the fairway that I’m crazy. I am totally nuts I think.

Why are you winning so much this year?
I don’t know. I think it is just a good year for me. Golf is a funny sport. It is up and down. This year is up and you never know what will happen now. I want to enjoy it because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

What were the key moments for you today? Were there any birdies or bogeys that were important?
I started off with a double bogey on one. It was stupid. I started off on the left side on the drive. I had a bad lie and I hit my shot short of the bunker. My feet were in the bunker and my ball was lying on the sandy area. I hit it fat and it hit the bunker on the lip. I couldn’t hit it out normally so I had to chip and made a good putt for a double bogey. Even if I made that putt for a double bogey it was a good one because a three-putt would have been really hard.

How far was the putt?
It was about a metre and a half. Then I made birdie on two, on three, on four.

With long putts?
No, I hit pretty good shots in.

Was the sixth close to the pin or not?
It was about six metres. Seven was close. Ten was a gimme. 13, the par five, I made a two and a half metre putt. Hole 14 is the toughest: it plays pretty long. I was in the right side and I couldn’t get the right side so I just took a bogey and left. I missed a short putt on 16 for birdie and on 17 I was three metres and a half.

You have a few weeks off until Korea. What will you do?
I think I am going to take a few days off. I have a few things to do in Paris with my sponsors and I have to get back in good shape because I haven’t done much physical work lately. That is the next plan.

Will you go away?
I might go to Egypt for a week before the Hassan II Trophy. I want to stay by the beach and the Pyramids.

Any advice to other players on what they should do to catch you?
Just keep working. There is not really a secret to anything. I just want to thank my coach, Olivier Leglise. He sent me a really nice text last night. He wanted to come here after last week because he knew I could win and I told him: “No – I will be fine – don’t worry.” He sent me such a nice text message last night and I told him “I just want to prove to myself that I’m the best.” I hope he is happy.

Do you think you can catch Marie-Laure de Lorenzi with seven wins this year?
I have to win two out of the three left but I will give it a try.

Paula Marti, Spain 68 74 70=212 (-7)
How does it feel to have sealed your eighth top ten of the season?
I’m very, very happy because the season has been really good. It was nice to finish second. I don’t want to think about winning but if every week I’m up there, the win will come.

What will you do now in the break?
I’m going to play in Dubai and in the Hassan II Trophy where I was runner-up last year. I will go home and see my coach and my fitness trainer. I will think about the end of the season and then we will start organizing next year. I’m playing very well; I feel very relaxed and I feel better than ever. I feel very good with my game, my family and everything is going well for me at the moment.

Catriona Matthew, Scotland 68 75 70-213 (-6)
How pleased are you with third?
I’m pretty pleased; a little disappointed but I played well. There were a lot of putts that didn’t go in but I’m pleased with how I played.

Did you enjoy coming back to Europe?
I enjoyed this tournament last year so I wanted to come back and was pleased to play in it again, to get an invite. I really enjoyed it.

What will you be up to for the remainder of the year?
I’m going to play in the three main ones on the LPGA in Asia and then hopefully Dubai.