Forget about Saturday being the moving day. You made your biggest move today and claimed your first title. How does it feel?

It’s all a bit surreal at the moment really but I’ve worked so hard for this so it’s just fantastic that it’s finally come together for me. It just feels fantastic right now. It’s all just starting to sink in.

You spoke yesterday about keeping things simple. Was that your game plan today?

I hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and made a couple of good up and downs early on which kept the pars on the card. I just hit one bad shot o 14 and made a bogey there but apart from that I played really solid golf again.

14 and 16 are difficult par threes. You bogeyed both of them but you bounced back immediately. How difficult was that?

I hit a bad tee shot on 14 and made bogey but then I hit a really good shot into 15 which hit the flag, so that was pleasing. I holed a really good putt on 17 from 25 foot or so which gave me the boost I needed at the last. It was good.

You’re a winner on tour now but a quick word about your caddie Steve Walsh because you play well when he’s on the bag.

Steve is a great guy and a good mate of mine. He’s obviously a great caddie. He’s had a few wins out here now and to add my name to the list is fantastic so a big thanks to him.

What club did you hit to the 18th green?

Rescue, 199 to the front, 229 to the flag. We said 199, get it there and the green does the rest of it for you.

Was it a good lie?

Yes, it was very good. I hit it far enough left to get at it so it was fine. I wasn’t blocked out at all. I knew if I put a good swing on it that it would be there or thereabouts on the green somewhere. I managed to do that.

Does your dad normally caddie for you?

No, he’s not got a great record of caddying. He used to but he’s actually retired. He’s caddying in Madrid next week for me. Paul Johnson and he’s always coached me since the age of five.

Are you still doing your PGA qualification?

Yes. I’m at the end of year two.

Were there any nerves?

Just on 18 really. It was a good lie so I knew if I put one more good swing on it, it was going to be there or thereabouts. Luckily I had two for it in the end so it worked out really well and I’m really pleased with it.

How key was the birdie on 17?

On 17, Brew had hit it close so it was important for me to get there. It was kind of a matchplay situation there. When I holed the first putt it put the pressure on her. She just missed it, which was a shame for her but it was good to hole some putts this week.

Before this what was your proudest achievement?

I led after the first round in Gothenburg last year and I’ve finished third four times so it was a matter of putting the icing on the cake really.

How will you celebrate?

I think we’re having a night out tonight go-carting. I’ve got the day off tomorrow.

What’s your mum’s name?

Jay. A big thanks to my mum and little brothers Mick and Luke who are 10 and 12 and keen golfers. Mick’s off 26 now so they’re both doing very well.

What was the best shot of the day?

The rescue into 18. It was as late on as then.

At what point did you think you stood a chance of winning?

I got a few back early on. I got it to level after 13 and birdied 14 but got it back straight away. I knew if I stayed there or thereabouts I could birdie the last two, which won it for me really.

Did you know where you stood?

I kept an eye on it. I knew what I had to do and concentrated on it. One shot at a time and all that rubbish.