Jade Schaeffer (France)

Jade has a Bavarian caddie from the German Golf Association, a 13-year-old called Sophie von Fischer.
Jade Schaeffer: A good caddie, huh!

Did you have any idea you would win here?

Jade Schaeffer: I have a good feeling in Germany and in Holland. It’s a very good feeling and I hope it’s good for the next tournament also. My objective for this year was to win a tournament and play the British Open and the Evian Masters. I think now it’s good. I want a new objective and after I will tell you.

Can you tell us how you felt when you sank the birdie putt?

Jade Schaeffer: It was not too easy a putt. In my head it was fine because Paula missed her putt. For me, it was just a small putt and just up. I said to myself, “Come on Jade, it’s in now.”

Were you nervous?

Jade Schaeffer: Very nervous but not really. It was a strange sensation. It’s cool and it’s strange. Maybe the Evian Masters will be the same.

Were you nervous going to the playoff?

Jade Schaeffer: Yes, of course! I went to the putting green because I missed two putts in my 18 holes today, at the two last holes. I told myself, “Jade, the tournament is here now because you missed two putts from inside two metres. It’s bad. My boyfriend is Francois Calmels, a player on the Challenge tour. My boyfriend told me, “You’re fun. You’re happy, it’s good. You played good and today you will win. Come on Jade, you can; you have a chance. You play the playoff; you have a chance. I said, “The playoff, I think it’s difficult. He told me, “No, come on, come on.”

Where do you live?

Jade Schaeffer: I live in Paris, for two months, in Bussy St George. The same golf as Gregory Havret and Francois Calmels. I live with my boyfriend and I practised there for two months. I moved from Strasbourg.

We heard a sad story about your father.

Jade Schaeffer: My dad died two years ago. My dad told me, “You can win, you have a swing; you have talent.” He has died. He can look.

What will your sister say to you?

Jade Schaeffer: I think she will be happy because it is a dream for her and me. It is a shame my sister and my family are not here, because I was not leading after three rounds. I think they will be so happy. All my family play golf and it is an objective for us. We went to the Evian Masters as children, just to look. My mother is, “Oh my God!”
Jade Schaeffer: I think it’s good because it’s my first cut this year. I changed coach just two months ago. It is Benoit Ducolombier. I have another coach who was with me in Switzerland last week. He is Stephan Mourgues, my psychological coach. I work with two coaches and it’s very good because I play very well and it’s in my head. This week I told the other players, “I am here.” It’s not easy to tell.

Martina said you were always good at the beginning of a tournament?

Jade Schaeffer: I play good but the score is very bad.

Where did you grow up?

Jade Schaeffer: Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. I was born there. I lived there for 13 years and came back for golf, in France, with my parents.

Will you hire a professional caddie, now?

Jade Schaeffer: I started with a professional caddie, Johnny Anderson, last year. He is the very best caddie. After a year he wanted more money but I can’t pay. Johnny go with the other player. Me, I test other caddies, but I don’t have a good feeling. He is the best caddie and he went to the LPGA.

How did it help that all eyes were on Martina? Will it change in the future?

Jade Schaeffer: I don’t think I will change my organisation. I don’t practise too much. I practise the best for two hours a day at the best. I don’t like practising because it’s not the life. My boyfriend plays golf, my family plays golf, I can go with my family and boyfriend. I don’t think I change my organisation. I go tonight for the barbecue with my boyfriend and our friends. It’s so good: its normal life. I go directly.

Will you buy something special with the prize money?

Jade Schaeffer: I told myself if I played well this week I would but some Ray-Ban glasses.