Suzann Pettersen (Norway)

How do you describe the experience?
It was a great experience and a sunny day. It was windy and challenging so I’m very happy with my performance.

Did you ever think you could lose today?
There was a junior pushing me to make a few birdies. It was a good week. I’m very satisfied.

Marianne eagled the 12th and got within a shot of the lead. Were you aware of that?
I try not to look at the leader board. I couldn’t help but notice Marianne on the leader board. She is a fighter and I knew she wasn’t going to give up so I had to finish it off.

Its two wins in Europe in two appearances. Will you make it three in Norway?
We’ll see. That is a long time away. I’ve really enjoyed it. It was nice to come here and play a links course, which tests your game in another way, to see if your shot making works under pressure. It was a good week.

Every win is sweet isn’t it?
It’s always nice and every one is different. Today I just tried to get the job done. I tried to get into double figures and I managed to stay there.

What is the next ambition, to be world number one?
Of course.

As quickly as possible?
Whatever time it may take. That’s where I’m heading and this is a good step in the right direction.
It’s always tough. You’ve got to go out there and do your job. Like I said I tried to get into a little bubble for three days and by the end of Sunday see where it takes me. It was a good finish today. I had a little junior from Norway who pushed me a little harder and that’s fine. I’ll take it.

When you’re lead was down to one, do you change anything?
I didn’t really know what was going on so I just stuck to my own game plan. The wind was different today which made the course play totally different. It made some of the holes a little harder and the other way round so the par fives were very reachable. I tried to be patient and get my score on the par fives. If a birdie drops here or there then that’s a bonus.

11 under was as good as you could have done wasn’t it?
I had one bogey today which was a little disappointing. I tried to go bogey free.

Overall, how do you feel about your game?
My game feels pretty good. I will have a week off now at home and it will be good.

Marianne Skarpnord (Norway)

What did Suzann say to you?
Great play. What were you doing? She is a great player. She plays so well it’s difficult to beat her. I tried but I didn’t make it. Of course I’m happy I was so close. I’m satisfied.

What will you take away from this?
Never give up, use your brain and think when you have to. Now I know that I can play well and win.

Were you disappointed with the way you finished?
There was a lot of wind. Two bogeys, short on 17 and left again on 18 but it didn’t matter.

Two Norwegians at the top of the leader board?
It is great for us and great for golf in Norway. That is unbelievable.

Morgan Pressel (USA)

How much more satisfying was that?
Just a bit! I played a lot better today and that’s what happens. On a golf course where this where it comes down to putting the more putts you make the better you play.

What was the difference?
I gave myself a lot more birdie opportunities and I think I only missed three greens. In my long game there wasn’t a total difference it was just in my putting.

At any point did you think that you might win this tournament?
Yes. I think you always want to make as many birdies as you can. I finished on two at Suzann is at eight so that is a long way back. I was just focused on making birdies.

How was your experience at this tournament?
I learned a lot about my game and playing on a links golf course. It was a great week, definitely.

What could be done to improve the tournament?
I think the golf course is set up very well and they did a great job running the event. In the next couple of years they are looking at moving it over to the site of The Solheim Cup and that would be great as well. There are so many great golf courses in Ireland so they have plenty of options that’s for sure.

Would you come back?
For sure. I ‘m hoping to be back in 2011 too.

How is links golf?
It’s just different. You still have to hit solid shots but there is a lot more luck involved in terms of the bounces. There is a lot more luck in links golf I think.
I doubled 17 because I tried a running shot the other day. I didn’t execute it properly. If you short side yourself on a links golf course like this you’ve got no chance.

Claire Coughlan-Ryan (Ireland)

Did you enjoy that?
I had a lovely day. Morgan is a lovely girl, great to play with.

Did you play against her in the Curtis Cup?
No, I played against Michelle Wie in the Curtis Cup.

Didn’t you beat her?
I did, yes.

You started well Claire with an eagle on two.
Yes. I had about 75 metres to the pin and it was slightly across wind left to right. I just pulled out the 54 degree and hit it. It took two hops and dropped in, great.

You pulled your tee shot on the third.
If you hit a ball out of position you try to get back in position and go from there.

At three under for the turn did you think this could be a day for Claire Coughlan?
Absolutely. I’d been playing well all week. Unfortunately some of the putts didn’t drop for me but you get the good with the bad. I’m very happy. We had an enjoyable day together.

You were out driving her weren’t you?
(Shrugs). I was asked a while ago if there was any difference in the way she played and the way I played and I said to be honest the only difference is that she holed the putts when it mattered and I didn’t.

Did that put pressure on you?
Yes and no. It does put you under a little pressure but not too much. I held my own.

What will you do next?
I’m off to the UK tomorrow to play in the pre qualifying for the British Open.

Have you any sponsors invites?
No. I just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope someone will give me an invitation.