EMAAR-MGF Ladies Masters
Eagleton Resort, Bangalore, India.
Final round interviews
Saturday 8th December 2007

Gwladys Nocera (France) 69-69-72-71 (-7)

Q. You led for four rounds but it wasn’t that easy on the last day.
Gwladys Nocera: Well it’s never easy. I mean, if you want to know what golf is about, even if you have a big lead, it’s not over until it’s over. I knew it was going to be tough today. I knew Virginie was playing well and I knew she could hit the ball a long way and make a few putts. I wanted to birdie 16 because I knew she was going to go for the green on 17, but that’s just the way it is. She has done that before so I knew she would do it again.

Q. What did you think when you saw how close her putt was?
Gwladys Nocera: I just thought make your par. I was hoping that she wouldn’t make the putt for eagle because I knew that would be a struggle.

Q. There was a bit of a swing on 13 as well. Can you tell us what happened there?
Gwladys Nocera: I pushed my drive a little bit and I was not against the tree but I couldn’t have an easy shot into the green so I had to punch the ball, it went too long and then I missed the putt. So it was too bad because my drive was not that bad but I didn’t have a normal shot. She (Virginie) made birdie so that was two strokes lost right there.

Q. How does this win compare to your others?
Gwladys Nocera: It’s different because we just came back from a break. I didn’t expect too much this week and was trying to work on a few things I have been working on lately and trying to get ready for next week so it’s pretty nice to win. I’m really happy.

Q. Does this bring you confidence for next week?
Gwladys Nocera: Yes it does. I still have a few things to fix. I need to reach more greens and my concentration was a bit on and off throughout the week so I need to make sure everything is alright for next week.

Q. Victory in the Lalla Meryem Cup, victory here and now victory in Dubai?
Gwladys Nocera: I like golf in Dubai I think! It brings me luck.

Q. How much are you looking forward to next week?
Gwladys Nocera: Very much. I think it’s going to be a great tournament. Last year was great and when you see the field and the number of good players who are going to be there, it’s pretty big. It’s the last tournament of the season and we are all very happy to be there and playing there.

Q. How do you feel to have won?
Gwladys Nocera: I feel happy to win and now I want to do it again. You know how I am, I always want more. It just feels good and I guess it’s going to feel even better to lift the trophy.

Virginie Lagoutte-Clement (France 72-75-66-69 (-6)

Q. That was a fantastic shot on 17. What did you think when you saw that you had that putt for an eagle?
Virginie Lagoutte-Clement: I was just so happy. I knew where the flag was and if I had 30 metres away I would have a chip. I’m so happy, so excited.

Q. Are you happy with second place?
Virginie Lagoutte-Clement: Yes, because if I win here I could have played in the Evian Masters next year, but I am happy to have finished second.

Lisa Hall (England) 72-73-70-69 (-4)

Q. Are you happy with your finish today?
Lisa Hall: Yes. I birdied three of the last five holes so that was certainly a nice way to finish. It was an enjoyable week. I didn’t have a three-putt all week and I think I might have been one of the few players who didn’t have a three-putt. But then my caddy would say that’s because I was leaving them all short! It was a nice week and I was pleased with how I played.

Q. What was the best part of your game?
Lisa Hall: It was just very steady. I was never in any trouble. I just played steady, consistent and left some shots out there but was still pleased with how I played.