Anja Monke

Anja, congratulations, another win on the Ladies European Tour. You must be absolutely delighted.
Yes, I am, definitely. I didn’t expect it. It was my first tournament of the season and I practised in the snow, so it turned out pretty well.

It wasn’t the greatest of front nines but that eagle on 16 is really where it turned around.
Yes, that eagle really helped. The front nine was not great and I missed a very short putt on eight, which wasn’t great, but that shot I hit into 16 it was like a three-footer for eagle it helps. I looked up to the score board and I saw that Carin was eight under. I thought, “Well I am eight under now, so we’ll see how it ends up.” I got lucky.

When you finished, what goes through your mind? You looked a bit tense after.
I wasn’t really nervous when I was playing myself, but as soon as I holed the last putt, I was like, “Oh wow, what’s going on?” And then my caddie told me that, by the way, Carin dropped a shot. I can tell you now. I was like, oh, okay: interesting. I was nervous obviously because she’s a great putter and a great player and she can so easily birdie the last hole. Unfortunately for her she didn’t, so I’m the winner.

This sets you up nicely for the season, doesn’t it?
It’s nice. It makes life a little easier.

What will it mean for you?
Oh, everything. I just try to play well every week, to get into contention every week and then we’ll see.
Of course it is a surprise because I only practised in the winter in snow in Germany. I even practised some bunker shots out of the snow, which is probably unbelievable for you. That’s what I did. Of course it’s very unexpected and so I’m way more happy about it.

Is this your first time at the Lalla Meryem Cup?
It was a great tournament and very well organised. I really enjoyed it here. I played in the Hassan Trophy when it was still a Pro Am together with the men four years ago I guess. I liked it there and got into a sudden death for the first place but didn’t get to win it. This is nicer for me, of course?

What did you think of the course?
Very nice. I saw some pictures of how the course looked about three quarters of a year ago and since then it has improved dramatically. They have done a really good job, the green keeping team. It’s a good golf course; it’s tight and the rough is very penalising. I liked it; what else can I say?

What is the most difficult hole?
Hole number 10 doesn’t really suit my eye. It’s not that difficult because the fairway is pretty wide I just don’t like to look at it. 15 is a very tight driving hole.

What is your schedule now?
I go back home, probably tomorrow or on Monday. A good party tonight; that’s for sure. Then I go to vacation to Phoenix, Arizona, for two weeks together with my husband. Then I go back to Germany before Turkey.

When were you married?
November 6th last year.

What club did you hit into the 16th hole?
I don’t know if it almost went in but it was a three footer and I hit a rescue club in there. It was about 182 metres to the flag.
It was a good break for me because before I struggled a little bit and I didn’t play that well, especially on the front nine. Of course if you have a three footer for eagle and I saw the score board behind it that I equalled Carin’s result at that time, of course she still had to play number 16 which is a birdie hole, but I thought, “I am close and we’ll see what we get.” I got it!

How long was the putt you missed on 18?
13 metres but it was a gimme so I wouldn’t say I missed it, I almost made it! I’m very happy, obviously, winning is always nice and I had a good back nine so it was a good day for me.

Carin Koch

How would you summarise the day?
I played well today. I hit 16 greens and only missed two towards the end and didn’t get it up and down which maybe shows that my short game wasn’t ready for the pressure. I don’t know. I haven’t been practising more than this last week, really. Overall I played really well and hit some really good drives and very steady. I had so many putts that didn’t go in today. Another couple of putts that had dropped half way through the round and I would have been three or four up and I think that’s what made the difference.

How did you make your bogeys?
I missed the green on 17 left and just hit it short with my chip and didn’t make the putt. On 15 the same thing, hit it left from the rough and didn’t make the putt.

Will you be in Turkey?
I’m planning on it.

Good luck.