Anne-Lise Caudal 64-69-70=203 (-16)

Anne-Lise, you must be very happy to have won your first tournament. How do you feel right now?
I’m a little bit nervous and relaxed as well. Maybe relaxed after the beer. I’m very happy.

Were you nervous on the front nine when Louise Stahle overtook you? You birdied the 13th to take the lead.
She made a bogey on 13 and I made a birdie. After the 14th is a difficult shot because it’s very long with the wind. I told myself to relax but we both made bogey on the 14th. I said, “Okay, keep going and we’ll see because after this we have two par fives and we can arrive.”

On the 13th, how long was your eagle putt?
Six or seven metres.

You left it slightly short.
Yes, maybe one metre.

What were you thinking there?
Before I hit the drive I saw the leader board and I saw Gwladys and Georgina were minus 15. I said, “Okay, if you make a birdie you win so just put the ball on the green and two putt.” When I putted my ball and I saw the rule is very short, I said, “Okay now you can do it! Okay, just watch the hole and no more.”

How were you feeling at the beginning of the round?
I’m feeling good. I was not very nervous. I started to play well, I missed a short putt on the first and on the third but I said “You have a lot of holes, take your time and we’ll see. “

You were able to control your nerves. Was that a surprise for you?
No. It’s just a job. I’ve done that for a long time. When you play as an amateur it’s the same job all the time. The same strategy.

When you were an amateur you were used to being in front?

Did you win a lot of tournaments as an amateur?
Not a lot but I won tournaments. I was in the French team and in the World Championships so when you play it’s the same. Not the same because in professional you have money and big players. But when you play as an amateur you are nervous and you know what it at stake so it is the same.

You don’t have any sponsors so now do you think you will get some?
I hope so.

You had a written speech. Was it written before the last round or after?

Is it your first speech?
In English, yes.

You told us yesterday that when you have dinner with Gwladys you talk about how to feel and react in a last round.
When I am with her I am very relaxed because we are laughing all the time and its fine. When we arrived at the golf course today, she said to me, “Okay, one and two; first and second.” I said, “Okay, why not.” We don’t know but she said one and two.

This must be very special?
Perfect no?

You cannot imagine better?
No, I can’t.

Yesterday she said you couldn’t rule her out.
I know, she is a good player. When I saw her on the leader board I thought “Unbelievable”. She is unbelievable. She is a great player.

What do you think this win will change in your career?
I don’t know. It’s new so I don’t know.

Will you play next week?
Yes, I play in Tenerife.

What is next?
Play Evian, British.

Are you just enjoying this win?
I am enjoying it. I don’t know what the future is. I just know I play Evian and the British and it’s very nice for me.

Is it even better to win this because the runner up is the current number one in the ranking?
I don’t know. I will see after the tournament. I repeat it’s new for me and I don’t know what I can do. I will see day after day and tournament after tournament. I don’t like to speak before.

When you turned pro what were your dreams?
I want to turn professional because I like this sport. One day I want to play in The Solheim Cup and I want to play with the best players.

Why do so many French players play well? Did you have an idol when you were growing up?
I don’t know. Maybe we like… it’s a difficult question. I know we work a lot. We are very strict but I don’t know why the French players play good. Maybe ask Gwladys.

Did you have an idol growing up?
I like Lorena Ochoa. She is the best. I saw her in one tournament when I was an amateur in America and she played very well.

She was an amateur too?

Now you are sixth on the New Star Money List.

Gwladys Nocera 67-71-66=204 (-15)

Gwladys, a good effort from your but you must be very happy for Anne-Lise.
Yes I am. I played well today and I don’t think I could have played better. Yesterday I didn’t play well and I think that’s where I lost the tournament. Anne-Lise is like a little sister on Tour and I’m really happy for her. She is going to be in Evian and I think that’s great. She lost her card last year and now she wins a tournament. I think it’s good. It’s good for us because it’s good motivation to have the new ones kicking our butts. I’m just happy for her: as happy as I am for me.

She said you were giving her lots of advice.
Not that much. I’m here if she asks questions. I think the best thing is to live the experience on your own. I think she’s learning pretty quickly so it’s good.

If you could lose to anyone it would be her, right?
Yes, it’s the perfect situation I think.
Yes, she played better. She played well the whole week. I didn’t play well yesterday so that’s it. I fixed my game for next week and I’ll come back to win.

Georgina Simpson 69-67-68=204 (-15)

A great effort but not quite what you wanted. How do you reflect on the day?
I’m very happy. Unfortunately I just had a little stumble on the way in. We didn’t drop a shot until 13, we three-putted 13 which I think was a little stumble. We had plenty of birdies and then unfortunately we missed the shot on 17 and put it in the bunker trying to go too much for the flag and the wind took it into the bunker. Managed to birdie 18 and I played as well as I probably could on the day. I’m happy though. It’s another second to add to my seconds and thirds. As long as I keep coming second and third, I’ll try and try and try and never give up on searching for that win.

Is Tenerife a place you enjoy?
I think I finished eighth in Adeje last time we were there so it’s a place that I’m familiar with and I like Tenerife. We’re staying in the Sheraton and I hear it’s gorgeous so I can’t wait to get there.

What will you take from this week?
I’ve just been stressing over what should be where swing wise and putting. This week we’ve tried to take a step back and everything’s come together. We’ve almost had to take that step back to see it come together. It’s a weird way round but that’s golf. I’ve got to not overdo the thinking, stay positive and let it happen.