Winner: Lotta Wahlin (Sweden) 71-67-71=209 (-7) (Won on second playoff hole)

What were your thoughts this morning?
I was just very focused because it was tough conditions. When I started I wasn’t playing good at all in the beginning but it got better.

You had a chance to win it in regulation play?
Yes, I had. I did everything for the crowd, to make it more exciting.

How often have you been involved in a playoff?
This is the third one but the others were on the junior tour when I was 17. It was quite a long time ago.

What were your thoughts when you returned to the tee for the second time?
It was very mentally tough. I was still very focused. I was very nervous on 18 today but I wasn’t nervous in the playoff. I just wanted to hit a good drive.

How can you describe the feeling of winning?
I’m just so happy. When I won the last time I was leading every day and it was quite obvious that I was going to win. This time I came from fifth place but I’m just so happy. Now I have proved to myself that I’m one of the best players on this tour and I’m really proud of that.

How does this one compare to the one in Turkey?
It is so different. This time I thought Martina was going to win and suddenly I was leading. I thought: “Uh-oh.”

What happened after your last win?
I played well in Switzerland and after that I had a few weeks where I wasn’t playing well. I wanted too much. I wasn’t playing too well but in my head I wanted to play as well as I did in Turkey. A few weeks ago I decided I would go out and have fun again. I think I have been playing better and better every week. I haven’t hit so many good shots for a very long time.

When was the last time?
In Catalonia, when I won there. I’ve been playing very good this week.

Runner-up: Martina Eberl (Germany) 65-71-73=209 (-7)

How are you feeling right now?
I am happy, which is weird because I just lost a play-off. I think most of the girls in this position would be disappointed but I’m not. Like I said at the beginning of the week I was hitting the ball really poorly. Today was much better and just getting into a playoff made my day. A playoff is always a little question of luck too and I was really unlucky on 18. I had a really bad bunker lie. I am glad she birdied because otherwise I would have been mad.

Did you think you had sealed it on the first playoff hole?
No, because everyone on this tour is good in a bunker and those bunkers are fantastic. I didn’t think it was sealed. I was really happy because I killed my drive and I killed my three wood. I was on the green and making two putts from there was good too.

Did you think seven-under would be good enough for a tie?
Yes, definitely. Today it was really tough out there. It was a three to four club wind. Some holes played really long so shooting under par was fantastic today. I shot one over and I am happy about that.

Becky Brewerton (Wales) 66-71-76=213 (-3) T11th position

Tell us about your round.
I felt like I was fighting my game all day. I didn’t get the ball anywhere near the hole. I didn’t get the ball anywhere near the hole with my putts apart from when I had a putt for an eagle. I think I had 38 putts. I just hit the ball so far away from the hole and long putts today in the wind were quite difficult. I made it incredibly hard for myself.

A hard seven hole for you yesterday as well.
I think yesterday was very tough and before that I was pleased with my two day’s golf. Those seven holes, I must admit last night I felt like I had played 36 and I was absolutely done in.

What is the biggest positive you can take from this week?
The first two days were really good. I felt like the first day I played pretty solid and putted well. The second day I didn’t really play that well at all but did well to shoot under par. After the first day I struggled with the direction a little bit, especially going into the wind. I was really struggling with my ball flight. I was getting it too high and didn’t feel like I could get it down, which usually, I quite enjoy those sort of shots. There is obviously something not quite right so I will work on it next week and hopefully it won’t be blowing a gale.

What next?
I go to Norway on Wednesday. It’s quite nice to have half a week at home and just recover because whatever you say, playing in conditions like this is quite tough. It does take it out of you.

Still America next year?
I’ve entered the qualifying school which is in about four weeks now. I’m looking forward to that. It’s totally different golf over there and possibly, in many ways, it does suit my game better. I can’t say that finishing 11th is that bad. It’s a pretty good effort. If you compare it to last year at least I gave myself a chance. I had it in my mind that seven-under-par would be good enough to get into a play-off and I was right. I only needed to shoot level par to do that. When you look at it like that you feel incredibly disappointed.