What the leading players said after the final round of Strokeplay on Sunday at Golf Las Americas in Tenerife.

Becky Brewerton (Wales) – winner.

How does it feel?

Fantastic. I’ve finished second three times in Tenerife so it’s nice to finally get a win and obviously it’s been a while since I’ve won so it’s a brilliant feeling.

What went right out there today?

To be fair, everything. I think Tenerife is a place where I always get a little bit of luck as well. I holed a chip shot, holed a bunker shot, I had a couple of nice bounces out there as well. I made lots of birdies and threw in a couple of hairy moments as well. A few mistakes but just about managed to get it done. I’ve been playing well all week and it’s nice to obviously finish off well.

At the beginning of the week you were full of confidence.

It’s funny, I had great memories when I got back to the course. I remembered all the holes straight away. I was pretty sure this is where I’d finished second as an amateur in the Tenerife Ladies Open and I’ve actually got a picture up on my wall, from the course here, from under one of the palm trees from my dad, when he was caddying for me. I rung him straight away to remind him about that. I don’t know, Spain, Tenerife, I just seem to do well here.

What was going through your mind when you couldn’t watch (Garrett)?

It’s a really tricky one because if you stay there and someone holes it you might not be quite focused. I thought, ‘Well I’m better off going to the range.’ I think you always have to presume that the person is going to make it. That way you’re not leaving yourself with any bad feeling. I could see that it just missed from the range anyway and it was nice to have a moment there with my caddie as well.

Will this kick-start your season?

Hopefully so. We’ve got a big tournament next week as well in Switzerland and Finland the week after. I’ve got those two events left to try and qualify for the Evian and obviously try and make as many Solheim points as possible. Hopefully this will kick start it but I’ve got to put in a big effort. Although I’m only one place outside the Solheim at the moment I’m quite a few points behind Virginie, so it’s going to take some really good golf to get up there and I’ve just got to go for it, I think.

Do you feel you’re swinging it the best you have for a while?

Yes. It’s really strange because it’s probably the least technical work that I’ve done on my swing for a while and maybe now that some of the work is done, going back to being a bit more natural is the way forward. Up until I injured my foot in Portugal I felt like I was going to go on a really good run. Then obviously that knocked me back a bit but since that’s been sorted again I seem to have been able to pick up where I left off in Turkey and Morocco as well. This is the main start of the season coming up with some massive tournaments. I’m absolutely desperate to make The Solheim team so I’ve just got to try and make as many points as possible. It’s going to be a tough ask now as well, because Virginie is playing well. I think she’s a good 30 points ahead of me so I know I’ve probably got to win one, to at least have a chance. There are only four or five events left before qualification so I better pull my finger out.

What did you miss due to the foot injury?

I missed Portugal, I played the first day. I actually did play in Germany but I shouldn’t have because I was really struggling. It started to get a bit better when I came back from Slovakia. I went to have an injection into it and it’s just worked a treat. I’ll probably be phoning that doctor and thank him.

Carlota Ciganda (Spain) – joint runner-up.

So close, but you just just fell short.

It’s been a great week. I am very happy with my result. I think playing three-under: it’s great, and the last hole, it was a little bit sad, but I’m very happy. I think everything is great.

Coming up to the last hole, what was going through your mind?

I was thinking to make a birdie on the last hole, so I just hit my second shot to the green, that’s what I tried. I knew that it was hard to put it on the green but I was just like, play your game. I am competitive and I like making birdies so I went for it. I went to the water but I finished with a par at the end so I’m very happy with my result.

Was professional golf everything you thought it would be?

I just tried to focus on my game and to play the same as if it was an amateur event. I was trying to focus on my game and be myself. I didn’t think about other players or even the money. I was just thinking about playing my game and having fun.

Nikki Garrett (Australia) – joint runner-up.

How do you assess your performance?

It was good. I played really well all week. I had my putt at the last and there was a spike mark and a divot. We could repair the divot but couldn’t touch the spike mark. It hit the spike mark and straightened up but I hit a really good putt and gave it a chance. I don’t know, I just played really well all day. I had one bogey the last two days so I think that obviously helps.

Why did you play so well here this week?

It’s warm! It’s Tenerife: it’s windy; it’s my favourite conditions. I don’t know, I think maybe with the different format, it’s a relaxing week as well. You get your confidence up early in the week with the matchplay and the attacking golf and today it just kind of followed.

Next week will you look back and be pleased.

Yeah. I’m not disappointed at all. I think it was a long hitter’s course this week. Becky’s a long hitter and she played well for four under, so I’m not disappointed at all. It’s my best finish in God knows how many years.

Where do you go from here?

I’m going to Switzerland and then a week off in England and then to Finland and then going home for two weeks, so that’s a bit exciting.

I love Switzerland. Not sure what the weather’s going to be like but Switzerland is a good course and it’s a fair course as well, so anything can happen.