Laura Davies (England):
Post round comments followed by the press conference.

What can you tell us about the birdies?
I had four birdies and I didn’t have a bogey on the weekend and that’s always a good thing.

You drove the green on seven?
Yes. I had a go at the first and was just pin high just off the edge. Then on seven, I pitched one up there and nearly holed the putt actually. It was just hanging in for an eagle but then that got my round going, to be honest.

At the eighth, you made another nice one.
That was the longest putt of the day; just off the left edge, holed from at least a 20 feet.

Hole 17, that seemed to be a tap in?
It was the worst shot I hit all day. It was a wedge that I sort of blocked out to the right, hit on the side of the green and trickled down to five inches. I hit some lovely shots all day and missed the putts and then go and get one lucky like that, so that was nice.

Did you have a good feeling from the beginning?
Because of yesterday: no bogeys. I started off with that lovely drive down the first and relaxed straight away. Now it just depends what Melissa does so we’ll have to wait and see.

Was the last time you were in Germany ’92?
I think it was. I didn’t play Berlin, so ’92 Ladies European Open.

Did you enjoy the week despite of the weather?
Yes. I’ve got a cold now but the course held up so well it was incredible, and I love the course. A couple of players had said to me, ‘Go to Germany, you’re going to love it’, and they were spot on. I’ve just got to keep my fingers crossed now.

Will you stay number one?
Even if Melissa birdies the last two and I lose the playoff I’d still be ahead on the (Henderson) Money List, which is nice. That’s the key for these four weeks that I’m playing: I want to have a good run and try to establish a good position on the (Henderson) Money List.

Did you enjoy the support from the galleries?
The galleries were big and I take my hat off to them because we had to be out there, they didn’t. They were out there for choice and they made a nice atmosphere. They were very fair and very knowledgeable. It was very interesting because it you didn’t hit it close, they didn’t clap. Normally galleries you hit it on the green and they clap and you think, ‘well that’s not a good shot.’ The German galleries know that if its 50 feet it’s not a good shot just because it’s on the green so that was impressive.

After the first round you said ten under would be enough to win and you were almost right.
Well, yes, because the weather held up like we thought it would. The forecast was for that so 11 under is, I think, pretty good going.

You have always been in a good position to get to the top?
I think after Friday’s round I was very disappointed because I was nine shots back and you don’t think you’re going to turn around nine shots over the weekend. That’s why you never give up in this game: you can have a good run and the leaders can have a bad run, so you never give up.

Your victory number 74?
It’s not a victory yet but it would be 74.

Do you think you’ll come back?
Of course I will. I love playing golf courses which allow me to have fun and use my driver and cut some corners. This is built for me. I think the architect had me in mind.

Press conference:

Welcome and congratulations. When I remember speaking to you on Friday, you said three words: Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed. What changed?
Not anymore! I didn’t make any bogeys on the weekend and that was the key really. I think four bogeys the first two days and not too many birdies, just steady. I knew, even though I was nine behind on Friday, I said to Johnny; if we can shoot two 66s we maybe still have a chance. As it turns out it was 66, 68.

Do you feel comfortable in Germany?
Yes, it’s been a long time. We’ve been discussing it. It was ’92, we think. It’s been 18 years in between but it was worth the wait.

You’re not going to wait another 18 years?
No, just try and stop me now. I’m looking forward to it already. Mark my words on that one.

Were you surprised about how much rain the course could take?
I was really, because we didn’t have massive amount when we were playing but overnight and in the mornings it seemed to be raining a lot. The fact that it was only the 18th that was affected was quite remarkable.

You used to have a Ferrari. What did you actually have?
Had a 456 Ferrari and then I had a 355. The 355 wasn’t big enough for my golf clubs so I ended up getting rid of it and then had an M5. I’ve now got a Mercedes AMG 55. It fits my golf clubs and it goes 190 miles per hour so it’s perfect; not that I go that quickly. I don’t have to buy a car now.

What are you going to do with the AUDI?
Drive it! I’m not sure what the details are but hopefully I’ll get a nice right hand drive one over in England and I can have fun this summer with it.

Were you disappointed not making the hole in one?
I know, it ruined the week really! If I’d just go that it would have been sensational. I actually hit a really good six-iron today and it was online but you can’t hit too much club there because if you go long, well obviously you are trying to win the tournament. If you make a hole in one it’s a freak. We had to hit the club that didn’t go past and into the hazard at the back. I don’t think we could have reached with six iron today.

Despite the weather, what do you think of this tournament?
I think it’s fantastic. Players talk about what tournaments they like and this has always been high on everyone’s agenda. The tented village; the atmosphere, the size of the galleries. Normally the good weather as well. I’d heard the first two years it was beautiful weather and nice and warm. Apart from the weather it’s been a fantastic week and everyone has worked really hard.

What are your plans for next week?
I was supposed to go to the US Open Qualifier on Tuesday but by the sound of it tonight’s flight might be cancelled and Tuesday as well. I might not get to Orlando so I may end up missing the US Open Qualifying which will be very disappointing but after that it’s Slovakia and then the Dutch Open and then I go to America for a run of five so it’s a really busy run at the moment: nine weeks.

Will you have another opportunity to qualify for the US Open?
This is the only one. You have to enter and choose where you go to qualify, so the only thing is there is a flight on Lufthansa tomorrow at 9.30am to Miami so if my flight to London tonight is cancelled then I might consider getting the Lufthansa to Miami and then driving up to Orlando. I’ll have to see. I’ll be on my own because my caddie is going on holiday next week so I don’t know if I want to go all that way with all the bags and everything. To miss the US Open would be a bitter disappointment. I haven’t missed one since 1986.

Laura, what actually have you in your mind, what would you like to reach?
Well, I’ve never won the Nabisco Championship. The one we play: the first major championship of the year, and I’ve never won the British Open as a major. I won it before it was a major so there’s two tournaments if you could pick and choose; they would be the two tournaments I’d love to win. I’ve come here this week trying to win the German Open. For me, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world: the Thailand Open, the US Open, the German Open, they are all very important on the week because that’s the only one you can win that week. I don’t specify where I like to win. I just try and play everywhere and win everything. As a professional, that’s what you should be thinking.

How long do you think you will play?
I’ve no idea. You look at Freddie Couples, Bernhard Langer; they’re well in their fifties now and they’re playing at the Masters, playing great golf. There’s nothing to say I can’t go on. I’m still enjoying it and the thought of beating a really good field this week makes me happy. There is nothing else that I would want to do other than win golf tournaments and play in golf tournaments.

What putter do you use?
The putter is a kramski. I got it this week. I got one in Dubai and the face was a little bit soft so the guy rang me last week and said “I’ll be in Germany. Do you want anything?” I said I’d like one with a firmer face. He gave me that this week and it’s a win so it’s a good start. I’ve been using it since Dubai last December. I’ve just had a different face put in.

Bernhard Langer is always complaining about his back. Do you have any problems?
Touch wood I’m very lucky that I haven’t had any injuries. The only thing I have is a bad knee. That is the only thing I can say. Sometimes when you get off a long flight you have a stiff back but I don’t want to jinx myself, at the moment, I’ve been okay.

Are you working out?
I play football; I play tennis and other sports, but the gym’s not for me. I’d rather kill myself than have a gym membership, I think.

You said the golf course suits you. Which holes?
The angles suit my game. I hit everything left to right and this golf course plays very well for a left to right hitter. Thank you very much!

Helen Alfredsson said Caroline Masson is pretty good but today maybe she felt the pressure.
You just have to learn. Playing with Alfie would be good experience because she is very good and a great champion over the years. You just have to pay your way. Some players are lucky and get out there the first time and win while some players take five or six times trying to do that. If you’re good enough in your mind and know you’re good enough, eventually it will work out for you.

Who else do you think will win on the European Tour this year?
It’s difficult to say, there are so many good players now. Obviously Melissa’s won now and had lots of seconds, she’s had a good year so far. There are so many good players. Some play more in America and are a big threat. There’s Gwladys Nocera who’s playing in America, if she comes back, she’s a big threat. You can’t single anyone out.

Do you think the young girls have an advantage now, compared to 20 years ago?
Not really. I was young 20 years ago believe it or not. I think it’s easier now. When I turned pro you’d get in your car and throw your clubs in. We didn’t fly everywhere. It was too expensive in those days. It’s different now. Most of them come on tour with sponsors; not all of them. A lot of them struggle but I think it’s made easier for younger players, especially on the men’s tour. It’s like a golden ticket for them.

Do you think prize money should be on a par with the men?
I don’t think it should be equal. It would be nice. You could never say no to more prize money because it’s what we all do. It’s not even at the top level. It’s so that someone who finishes 30th, has a good week and makes a nice bit of money. Obviously the winner gets more because that’s the way it is but it would be nice if the purses were bigger. We’ll never be level with the men and probably nor should we be because they play their tour and we play our tour. They are better golfers. It’s as simple as that. They are just stronger and play a different game to us. It used to be 15 years ago I could stand on the tee with Curtis Strange or someone and he’d hit it the same distance as me. Now you go out there with Bubba Watson or anyone and they are hitting 150 yards past you. It’s a different game now. The men have their thing and we have our thing. I don’t think they need to be compared and I’ve never thought they need to be compared.

You never wanted to play in a men’s tournament?
I’ve played in a few. I’ve played in the Australian Masters down in Sydney about eight or nine years ago. It was a European Tour event and they invited me so I figured I’d go. I didn’t do very well. I played in quite a few skins games with the men, John Daly and Tom Watson and people like that. I’ve played n some men’s event and its fun, but you can see the difference. Of course they are stronger and any time you’re stronger you’re going to be better.

Next time you will play a ladies’ tournament. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Melissa Reid (England):

Are you disappointed or pleased to be second?
I’m disappointed. I came here to win. I just didn’t hole anything the last 27 holes. Me and Lee were just saying we must have missed 15 putts inside 10 feet on the last 27 holes so we missed a lot but fair play to Laura. She played great today in that wind: it’s a really good score.

How tough was it out there?
It was tough: it was cold, it was windy, the pins were tough today and a 68 in that wind is a really good score so all credit to her.

Karen Lunn (Australia):

What is the secret of your new found form?
I’ve been playing well for a long while without doing anything spectacular. I think I took a lot away from the Nations Cup, playing with Karrie and I played really well that week. She was really encouraging and she said to me, “You should take a lot away from this week and go and play well.” She said you should be winning tournaments and that was great. I think I took a lot of confidence from that and I haven’t played much differently to the way I’ve been playing the last year. I’ve had some decent finishes and like today, just probably fallen four or five shots short. I got off to bad start. So it’s all really close: my short game is good and I’m hitting the ball well. The mental side of it, I’ve been working really hard on, so all round really. As you know, it’s tough to get everything right on the same week so it’s getting it all together really.

How do you perform with a bad back?
The second morning I was in with Adam and I didn’t know if I would be able to play or not. He taped me up and patched me up and got me playing again. It is hard. I’ve had a few injuries and it’s a bit of a struggle. I think the cold weather hasn’t helped a lot of people. There have been a few people struggling with necks and backs and stuff. This is not usual weather for Europe at this time of year. You do what you have to do. It’s not easy physically but I love doing what I do so I just have to keep battling through it.

What can you tell us about the weather?
I think it was windy all day and every day has been cold but today was bitterly cold. That wind was probably as cold a weather as I’ve played in for a long, long time and a lot of the other girls were saying that as well. It was almost as bad as Q-School in Spain last year. You get cold but what can you do? You have to play.
I think the pro shop got a delivery of the woollen mittens in and almost every player bought a pair of those this morning so they made a killing. I think the key is to keep your hands warm because if you lose your feeling then you really are in trouble.
It’s been tough because that wind when it’s into or across, really knocks the ball out of the air. When it’s helping you it helps quite a lot. It’s tough to get the right club in your hand. It’s not an easy golf course if you don’t hit the fairways. If you hit the fairways, you can score. The pin positions were really tough today, so I think that’s why we’re not seeing as many good scores.