Beatriz Recari (Spain)

Q.How tough was it out there today?

I was struggling a bit more than the first two days and I was just being calm in the end. I had to make quite a difficult putt for the play-off. My caddie said, “Just enjoy it.” I visualised it close to the pin and I was happy it went in. Iben played solid and it was a very tough competition.

Q.What about the pressure?

It was a different situation for me. I was leading by five shots and Iben was playing very strongly. She started very strong, putting it close to the pin but missing a couple of putts. Overall she played very well. I was saving pars all day and then I saved a par for the play-off on 18 and then it went great in the play-off.

Q.What are your feelings?

I’m not feeling right now. It’s unexplainable. I can’t explain. It’s my first win and I made it the tough way with a play-off on a difficult hole because it was playing very long; just super. I love Finland. I love this course.


I’m feeling extraordinary. It’s my first win and today was tougher than the last two days. I just made it into the play-off with a tricky putt and I just holed the second shot so I’m still shaking.

Q.Can we say that was the shot of your life?

Absolutely. No doubt.

Q.What club was it?

Four-iron, and I’ll sleep with it tonight.

Q.Andreas won’t mind?

No, he is fine with it.

Q.It was a difficult day. You were caught by Becky and then caught by Iben.

Was I caught by Becky as well?


I didn’t know that.

Q.It was a gritty performance from you today.

I’m experiencing that situation and close, trying to hold it and just keep going. I wasn’t afraid that they were close to me and I didn’t even know Becky evened my score. I said: “It doesn’t matter, just two more holes.” Like we say in Spain, “Don’t throw the towel in until the last putt.”

Q.Today it was important from the first hole that the putting stayed strong.

It was the putting again. As I said, I was a bit tense and putting too much pressure on myself. It was such a big lead and I was not so accurate with my long game. I kept going and thought it would come.

Q.It has been a year since Andreas was first caddying for you.

This was our first tournament together.

Q.It’s your anniversary together.

We celebrate it on Monday actually.

Q.You said you love everything about Finland.

I’m definitely coming back next year.

Q.As defending champion as well. The aims for the rest of the season?

Next week I’m going back home. I’m going to go to the beach for a couple of days. Of course my aim is to keep winning. I’m just going to digest this tournament and I will set some higher goals for the season.

Q.What were you thinking when it went to a play-off?

Same tee shot, same place, same club. I was just trying to put it closer and it went in.

Q.Did you ever think this might not be my day?

Thoughts will appear in your mind but it’s up to you to control them. You cannot get down on yourself. I said okay, keep going, enjoy, smile.

Q.How does it feel?

It feels great. Addictive. Very addictive.

Q.What a finish.

To be honest, I owe a lot to my caddie because I hit a four-iron in the round and it was so short so I told him, “hybrid.” He said, “We’ll stick to the club,” and it went in, so I owe him some percentage for that. I was talking him and he was telling me to just enjoy and have fun. I visualised the shot and he chose the club. It was the only iron I hit well all day.
Today was a bit of a struggle. I was putting too much pressure on myself because it was a new situation and a big lead.

Q.The story was that you were the hunted one and supposed to be the victim. Was it a relief?

It was a relief. It was tie-breaking. One against one: like match play.

Q.What does this mean?

It means so much for me because I’ve been working to get this. It has always been my dream to turn pro and win tournaments. I turned pro four years ago and since then it has been so much hard work and learning. I have been improving and a lot of hard work. Finally standing here, it means so much for me and my professional career. I’m so happy I can’t explain.

Q.How difficult was it to stay focused during the round today?

Well it was difficult. My game wasn’t as accurate as the last two days. Iben was playing very solid and great. It was tough but I’ve had practise in tough situations so it was kind of fun. When I started today it was a new situation because I was leading by five shots and I’ve never been leading by that before. Of course I learned. It’s not going to happen to me again next time. I knew how to be mentally and Andreas was helping me, smiling all the time and it’s fantastic.

Becky Brewerton (Wales)

Q.You were tied for the lead but dropped a few on the back nine. What happened?

I pretty much knew after nine that I was tied for the lead. I saw a board after nine; I don’t know really what happened after that. It felt like somebody had just taken my arms away and given me a new set that didn’t belong to me. I just had four or five holes where I hit a few wild shots. My chipping and bunkers went a bit funny. I skulled a couple of bunker shots on 10 which I haven’t done for years.

Q.Just before the break?

Yes. Then I fluffed a chip on 13 and then again on 13 and then another one on 14. It was strange. I didn’t really feel like I’d done much wrong but a couple of bad shots came out for some reason. After that I gathered myself and made a nice birdie at the last. It was a shame actually because I feel like I might have thrown it away a little bit but at the time there wasn’t a lot I could do. I was fighting. I wasn’t doing anything different; I just had a bad run there.

Q.What will you do now with the break coming next week?

I can’t wait to have a week off, just relax and recover from the last couple of weeks.

Minea Blomqvist (Finland)

Q.Would you have taken that at the beginning of the week?

Maybe, maybe not. Of course it’s nice to play for a win but I have to be happy. Third place is good. I was just happy that there were people watching today. We had a great tournament again. We had a play-off. It’s just a good tournament again.

Q.At any point did you feel you had a chance to win?

No. It’s minus 11. I started at minus four. I knew if I could get a great round; I started actually with two birdies; number three and number four. I thought, “This is going to be my day.” Maybe I got a little bit ahead of myself. I have to hit better. I was mentally very tough and made some par putts but I have to get my game a little bit better and hit better shots. It was a little bit of a fight for the three days.

Q.What is your schedule for the season?

I will play the next four tournaments on the LPGA and then it depends on how I am on the money list if I can play more. I think I will play Italy on the European Tour in six weeks and probably Korea, China and Dubai.