Rebecca Coakley

Rebecca: three solid rounds of 72, 72 and 73: how pleased do you feel?
I’m very happy because today was one of the toughest rounds condition wise that I’ve played. To just have two bogeys and a birdie: I was happy with that.

How tough were those conditions?
Very tough. I mean, the rain, you don’t mind, but the wind, it was a three-to four club wind out there at times when you get gusts. A lot of the time it’s across the course which makes it really hard to hit greens, even just to hit fairways. That was my goal for the day: to keep hitting fairways and giving myself a chance.

You held your composure well after the second break to hole a testing putt. What were you thinking?
I had told myself to finish with a birdie before we got called in. It’s actually a tough pin position because it’s down wind and only 10 on. You’ve just got to carry the trap and then it doesn’t stop. I got a bit lucky. I landed just on the fringe and finished 10 foot past. I hit a three quarter 52 degree and was stuck on a bit of a down slope so was in between clubs and a bit of indecision. I pulled it off. It was nice just to finish. I was waiting for play and thinking, oh God, I couldn’t stand the thought of having to come back the next day, only to come back in again.

How would you summarise the two weeks in Asia? You had a tie for fifth in China, which was a season best, and now have tied your season best.
I think people I’ve been working with have just said be patient. I could see through the year that things have been starting to come together for me and now it’s showing. I’m looking forward to playing in Dubai now and then starting fresh again next year.

What will be your expectations for Dubai?
Just do my best. Like any of us out here, when we tee it up, we want to win. I’ll have the same expectation as anybody else that’s playing in the tournament. I guess I’ll have a little more confidence after the last two events.

Was there anything in particular you started working on prior to travelling to Asia?
I’ve been doing the same things with my coaches and now it’s starting to show. There is no particular thing. Maybe getting smacked in the head last week might have snapped something in me. It’s the same stuff, apart from the result.

Anna Rawson

Anna: rounds of 69 74 74 and a tie for fifth is your season best. How do you feel?
I’m so happy it’s over! It was good. I had a lot of chances. At 17 I left one short from about five feet. I definitely had some chances so it feels bitter sweet. I feel happy because I think two over is good in those conditions. I can’t believe someone shot two under. I mean, that’s amazing, so I’m getting closer, so it’s good.

What will you take forward?
It’s just good to have a good result, to move up the LET money list. If I do want to play in Europe I have to finish in the top 80. I have pretty much my full card in the US but it’s nice to have both options. That’s the plan. It’s hard with these conditions, its not like anything I ever play in: really strong winds, really rainy and the course is so different to what we play in the States so I don’t know how much it helped me but it’s always good to have a result and feel the butterflies.