Nicole Gergely (Austria) 71 67 70 67=275 (-13)

How does it feel to be the first Austrian winner?

It’s awesome. I can’t believe it. It was always a dream.
I played so well this year. Today I thought, okay, I won’t put myself under pressure. I’ll just see whenever it comes, it comes. It’s really unexpected here, it’s unbelievable, because the golf course, I mean I like it, but you have to play so solid and yesterday wasn’t good. I score well but right after yesterday we went straight to the driving range and realised it was the same mistake I always make. After the driving range I thought, oh, it’s a good feeling for tomorrow.
I struggled a bit the first few. I had a bogey on the second when I went in the water and really stupid but then birdie on four, five really helped. I thought, okay, its going. I just hit it really good today except on 18 but that’s okay.

What did you work on at the driving range?

It was a technical thing that I’m too flat on the back swing and I’m getting steeper at impact that’s why I hit the driver so high yesterday. It was 20 metres shorter than normal so I thought, wow.
Today we fixed it and its fine. I just used my wrists a bit more at the beginning and that’s fine.

What will this mean back home in Austria?

I got a mail yesterday from, who always do the live scoring for us. Marcus Brier is playing in Austria and he was seventh. They said it would be really cool if you can win it and just put him in the shadow. I thought, that’s some kind of pressure but why not. Everything is possible.
It is the first win ever for an Austrian on the LET so that’s really cool.

Was it Joe Widl?

Yes, he sent me an email.

How did you make your birdies?

At four I hit it on the green in two and at the fifth I pitched it within two metres. At the sixth I holed a five or six metre putt. At the tenth I holed a long putt.
At the 13th I had a long putt from 15/20 metres and was just below the hole.

Was it like matchplay?

No, not really. Everyone is playing their own game. You have to concentrate on your game.

What do you think about playing here for the last time?

I’m the last winner here. Next year it’s going to be somewhere around Paris. That’s cool.
I love it here. Everyone is so nice and it’s a really good experience here. If we have to go to Paris we have to.

Why do you think you won?

I have no idea.

Becky Brewerton (Wales) 70 67 71 70=278 (-10)

Quick quotes…

I’m still fairly happy because it’s the best performance by far on this course. I haven’t played that hole well all week. I’ve been quite lucky to get away with a couple of other shots. I made a great five from there yesterday in practically the same position I was in today. If you don’t hit the fairway there it becomes a pretty difficult hole. Obviously I’m disappointed because I hit a couple of really poor shots but I made quite a nice putt in the end for a seven and probably saved myself quite a bit of money and some places. It all counts towards getting a bit closer to catching Diana Luna and Sophie and Catriona for the money list. Overall it was a pretty good performance. You can’t judge a tournament on one hole so overall I was pretty happy.

How long was the final putt – 20 feet?

Yes. It was a nice one to make because I think finishing with an eight would have been a bit of a disaster.

Anja Monke (Germany) 70 69 68 71=278 (-10)

Quick quotes…

It was very close but I didn’t really play well today so obviously I’m not very happy about the round. It was alright. If you’d told me I’d finish tied third to defend my title it would have been okay.