Karen Stupples (England)

You looked thrilled to seal the victory there. Was it a relief?

I really was. I tried to let it go on the last few holes there but fortunately I managed to hold on with all the nails I had. I was clinging on and managed to come in with a win.

A great start, wasn’t it?

I think the front nine set me off to a fine start. I went off to a really good one and from that point on I sat back I think instead of keeping attacking. It was interesting.

What were your thoughts coming into the week?

I was very, very disappointed at not being in The Solheim Cup. It was always a big goal of mine to be on there and I think to be perfectly honest, I tried too hard to get in.
I knew I had to impress Alison to get into the team and I think I was just trying too hard. I’ve come here free of the burden of trying to be selected or trying to prove how good I am or what form I’m in and I think the real Karen Stupples showed up this week.

Rest of the round, you wobbled a bit towards the end. Is that because it’s been five years since your last victory?

I think so. I think it’s definitely that. It’s taken a long time to get to this point and really this week in particular, especially after the whole Solheim Cup disappointment, I think it meant so much to me, that I let my mind wander and get ahead of myself a little bit. Of course Amy was lurking in the wings there waiting to pounce. Fortunately she didn’t really do it on the last few holes and I didn’t let it go too badly.

On 16, you played quite a sensible shot to make sure you didn’t get a double bogey.

That’s exactly right. I figured there’s no point in going for everything. I couldn’t win it on that one hole.

Were you nervous at the end there? What were your thoughts on the finish?

18 I’ve played poorly all week so I was lucky that Amy didn’t hit a particularly good shot and she left the door open for me.

How will you spend the prize money?

I’ve not had a great year this year so some of it will go to my mortgage. My two-year-old will need a new pair of shoes somewhere along the line. It seemed like such a distant thing.

Katherine Hull (Australia)

How satisfied were you with your 69 today?

I’m really pleased with the front nine but I couldn’t get anything going on the back so it’s kind of bitter-sweet right now.

Did you enjoy your trip to Wales?

It’s been fun. Hopefully if the schedule permits next year I’d love to come back.

How were the conditions?

The breeze was pretty much like the last three days. The golf course played very similar. I just had a couple of issues with bounces, but that’s part of links golf. You get some good ones and you get some bad ones.

Melissa Reid (England)

You must be thrilled with your final round…

I didn’t birdie 13 and knocked it in close on 14 but didn’t birdie that so it could have been a bit better. I hit is good today. I probably hit it the best I’ve hit it all year today. The pressure is kind of off me now and I just, me and Paul just said let’s play golf again. It’s nice to play well.

Were you disappointed last week not to make The European Solheim Cup team?

Yeah, of course I was. I think that I was within touching distance of Solheim all year and I took a risk by not playing a couple of events which I probably should have done. The wrist thing happened at the wrong time. I had to pull out of Spain and it was pretty sore at Evian and then it was kind of sore last week. It kind of happened at the wrong time.

Did you take inspiration from watching Karen Stupples yesterday?

She played awesome yesterday. It’s nice to see someone play well and to see that it is possible around here. I thought I’d do a 66 today instead.

What are you doing next week?

I’m going to see a specialist again tomorrow. I’ve already seen one but this guy is a top dog and a family friend as well. I’m going to see what he says. If he says that I don’t need an operation then I will probably rest it for about four weeks. I’ve planned to go away with my sister. I’m going to spend a lot of time with my mates. I’ll chill out basically for the next couple of weeks.
I want to go to LPGA qualifying school but if my wrist isn’t right by then, then I won’t. I don’t think it would be a bad year to miss it. I’m hoping to be back for France at the latest.