Saint Four Golf and Resort, Jeju, South Korea

Sunday 16th November 2008

Hee Kyung Seo (KOR) 69-67-66=202 (-14)

Q. What was your winning strategy for today?
A. Facing Ahn Sun-Ju, a long-distance hitter, I try to stick to my own playing style, rather than hitting a long distance ball. I made excellent putts today, which I believe led me to the victory.

Q. Your path toward the winning was quite dramatic…
Yes, Even I myself cannot believe the result. I cannot remember how I played.

Q. Your play was not really different from yesterday?
Yes, I struggled a little bit until the 6th hole. At the beginning, I was worried about the game because my putts got worse than yesterday. Yet a turning point came at the 7th hole where I scored birdies for the last 3 days in a row.
I changed my putter only two days before the event, which proved to be quite successful. I made good putts.

Q. From when did you expect you could come from behind to win?
A. From the very beginning of the event, I thought I could win. I achieved quite good scores yesterday, which grew my confidence. I tried not to make too short putts.

Q. You already exceeded your original goal of achieving three time victories this year.
Year 2008 would be the best year for me. I am amazed at myself. Last year, I got disappointed and lost confidence.

Q. You look quite relaxed after securing a few victories?
A. I was quite nervous today. But it is true that after I won a few events, my confidence grew.

Q. Any plans to advance into LET?
A. What I envied about Shin, Ji-Yae was she could have a variety of selections for the events to participate. I will continue to focus on KLPGA tour but try to expand my fields by taking part in major LET events.

Veronica Zorzi (ITA) 69 -69-74=212 (-4)

Q. How happy are you with your performance?
So, so. It was a difficult start because I went bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey and I was plus five on the ninth tee box. Then I tried to make some birdies and I did. It was hard to do something better on the back nine.
I started with the strong wind and I was not prepared for that. There were some difficult pin positions and the wind on top.

Q. How satisfied are you over all?
I am not 100 percent happy but so, so.

Q. What will you do over the next three weeks before the Dubai Ladies Masters?
I will go home and practise. We have a training camp with the Italian Golf Federation for a couple of days. I am going to go to Dubai.

Margherita Rigon (ITA) 70-70-73= 213 (-3)

Q. You were one of the top LET players in the field. What do you take from that?
I am happy but I want to bite them! (The KLPGA players). I was hoping for a better showing from the Europeans, just to be a bit stronger in their country. Otherwise we came here and all the Koreans are at the top and we are at the back. That’s why I’m sad; not really about my round. I am still happy because it is one of the best performances this year for me. It will give me a good sensation for Dubai. Now I know what I need to practise a bit more and keep going.

Q. What do you feel you need to improve?
My putting, I think. I missed a few putts today which were the key to the round. When it is that windy you can’t improve that much with the long game but the results come from the putting.

Q. What have you changed since starting with your new coach, Lawrence Farmer?
The grip. That was really hard to change. It is a stronger grip. It was too weak. At the beginning it was really hard because I wasn’t used to seeing my hands so closed so I thought I was going to pull it all the time. Now the grip is much better and I’m hitting it stronger so I’m happy.

Q. Did you change anything else?
No, it was just the grip. The swing was a consequence of the grip so now the swing is very good.

Q. Who recommended Lawrence to you?
I spoke with Karen Lunn. She has always told me very good things about him. He was the old coach of Ana (Larraneta). She told me to go and see him because he is very good.

Q. What are your plans now?
I will go to a two-day training camp with the Italian national team in Genova. Now I am flying to London to see Lawrence for two days.

Q. How often will you take lessons?
I saw him one month ago for four days. I spent two whole days with him and just the morning practising. We played with him a few times and he is very good. He used to play on tour and it’s very good when you have a coach who played on tour. He can teach you many technical things but because he has been a player he knows how you feel on the course and what is hard to change.