Laura Davies, England

The tournament loves you and you love the tournament.
About spot on, I’d say. I mean four times I’ve been here and four times I’ve been in the presentation. Twice a winner now; it’s good.

Is experience one of the key things?
Yes. The first year I came here I knew I like the course and I knew I could win and sure enough the last two years obviously I have. They look after us so well, all the organisers want the players to be happy and it works.

Can you talk about your four rounds?
I putted really well on the weekend. The second round I played the best probably. I just made putts when I needed to. Today I missed putts on ten and 11 and then I hit that driver on 12 to about four feet for eagle so that was pretty much the time when I really felt comfortable to win.

Will you come back next year?
I haven’t got any choice now have I?

What is your next tournament?
We are going to Gothenburg on Tuesday for the Swedish tournament.

You really like it here don’t you?
I do, yes. I’ve played here four times, four times in the presentation and twice winning, that’s the main bit.

What happened to you this year?
I had a terrible start to the year and just decided to come back to Europe and play. I enjoy it more in Europe so that’s why I came home. I thought if I can enjoy it more then maybe I will start playing well. I finished well last week which was a big moment for me and made me. I made that massive par on 18 and came here pretty much thinking I had a very good chance of winning. Sure enough it worked.

It was slow for everyone getting going but you hit a fantastic tee shot on 12.
The bogeys on 10 and 11 were not unlucky but silly chips and I didn’t even birdie nine so I was starting to panic a little bit. We hadn’t seen a score board all day and sure enough I was only one ahead at that point. I hit that driver and it was probably one of the best shots I’ve ever hit. I said to Johnnie: “For me, that’s as good as I can do.”

It gives you good confidence for the rest of the year?
Oh, absolutely; that was the reason to come back. I wanted to try and get some Solheim Cup points which is big because I don’t want to have to rely on a pick off Ali. I picked up a few last few and another few this week – that is the idea for doing it – and then finish off the year in Dubai and hopefully climb up the New Star Money List a bit.

What will you take from this win?
I love winning and that is what I do this for. It is just fantastic to have won.

What were the key moments for you today?
I think the key was when Diana had that hole in one on 16 and moved within one of me and then I made a birdie on the same hole. That was huge because, you know, a hole with water on, you can always make a mess of it. I came off with a birdie and had the two shot lead and that gives you a cushion. I know on 18 I’m hitting a seven-iron in there for my second shot so that is a pretty easy hole for me.

How far was your birdie putt on 16?
Probably about 12 feet.

What is next for Laura Davies, any more walks in China or anything?
No, just play more golf and win three or four more tournaments would be great. That is what I want to do. I want to get my confidence back; I want to be ready to go again next year and be in The Solheim Cup. That is a big thing for me next year.

Diana Luna, Italy.

Won a BMW Motorbike for her hole-in-one at the 16th with a 9 iron from 111 metres.

Was it your first hole in one?
No. I had two before actually but never with something there. I had one in Arras and one in Chart Hills the week after each other. I won nothing so that is nicer.

What happened?
I think it was like that to the left and straight in.

How do you feel about your final round?
I am happy because I had a good round but it hurts a little bit, especially because of the finish. It has been three times now that I have been up there. I’m happy but it hurts a little bit. I will recover soon.

What happened on 18?
The chip was not that bad I just had to put my bunker shot on the green and make my twp putts but I didn’t and I am a bit disappointed.

Will you choose the Mini or the motorbike as your prize?
I don’t know actually – I am going to think about it.