Linda Wessberg (Sweden)

Congratulations on your third LET victory.

I know. Woo hoo! I don’t know what to say, I thought I’d lost it on number 10 when I made a double. I told my mum, “whatever, just forget about it,” and we made four birdies in a row and then we came back.

You had a bad season last year. What does this prove?

I’m just so happy that I can actually show myself that I am able to win again. I had been struggling with a shoulder injury and stuff but I still play and I probably shouldn’t have. Mentally it was really hard to know that.

Were you surprised at what happened to Laura on the last hole?

I didn’t see the ball go in the water. My mum said: “What is she doing?

” I said: “I guess she’s taking a drop,” because I couldn’t see it. I was really surprised. On the second shot, I don’t know what she did. It was just unfortunate that that happened I guess.

You hit a great bunker shot on the 16th. It wasn’t easy to play.

These bunkers are really tricky because of the firm sand but I was very pleased with it. I had been hitting great bunker shots all week so I thought it could be worse.

What are your thoughts on the course?

I think this golf course is in great shape and it’s a very good organisation. Since they re-built the golf course it’s even better. I’m happy to be back and I hope to come back next year as well.

Was it the right decision to come back from the LPGA Tour?

Oh yes. I’m really happy. I’ve been struggling a bit over there this year and I decided to come back in June.

What were you thinking in the playoff?

It went really fast. On 18 Laura pulled it a little bit left and I had to hit my second shot before she hit. I couldn’t reach so I laid it up. She hit and I didn’t see her ball. I asked my mum who was caddying for me where it went and she said “I don’t know.” I was really surprised when she walked over to the water hazard and dropped it and then dropped it again. It was a horrendous playoff but it’s over.

Were you nervous?

No, not really. I was more nervous when I played. In the playoff it was so rushy. I just signed my card and went to the bathroom real fast. There were no nerves.

Tell us something about your caddie?

My mum had a second place in Spain three or four years ago so she was really excited to have a first place. She has been with me all week and caddies once in a while but not very often.

What do you think about your game?

I haven’t been hitting my driver really well this week but I’ve been putting great.

Did you think on the second playoff hole that Laura had an advantage with her length?

Yes. She pulled it but it was so hard to see where it went because of the sky. I know she pulled it a little bit left but I didn’t think it would be that much. She was in the rough but she can hit anything from anywhere so you never know. I thought if I just lay it up at a distance maybe I can have a chance.

You had four birdies in a row. What was going on?

I don’t know what was wrong on the front nine because I just made one birdie and one bogey. Nobody really took off. There was no wind really. I guess I made a double on ten and I thought, “this is it.” It’s never over until it’s over.

What was the key?

My putter. I’ve been putting great all week but today I missed a few short putts and got them back somewhere else. The greens are tricky here. I think the putter was my saviour this week.

You spent a lot of time on the US Tour?

I played for three years: 2007, 2008 and half of this year. I’ve been there for a little bit.

What do you know from Austria?

I’ve been here skiing too. I love this country. I think it’s really pretty. You can see the mountains. I really like it here and people are really friendly.

Laura Davies (England)

Tell us about that last hole.

I had a 50/50 lie in the rough and I went for it, because you go for it in a playoff. It came out a little bit right and went into the water because it was wet, I suppose. The next shot was a shocker. What can you do?

How much will you think about it?

If I’d hit the fairway I would have had a nice easy five iron into the green. It’s just one of those things.
I played well but at the end of the day second is the best loser. I’m very disappointed. We’ll go out to France and see if we can do it all again.

Hazel Kavanagh (Ireland)

What are your thoughts on your best finish on the LET?

I’m delighted. I got off to a shaky start but I’m thrilled.

What happened at the second where you made a double?

My ball took a bounce and bounced up into the tree and just stayed up there so it was unlucky.
I had three birdies from five to 18.

Did you realise the possibilities on the 18th tee?

Yes, I did.

But you chose to lay up?

Yes. The first time I looked at the leader board was 18. I thought I would just go for the birdie. The third shot, I thought I’d played a perfect shot and it was the first shot all day that just checked too quickly. I was very disappointed because I thought it was perfect. I’m a tiny bit disappointed I didn’t make four on 18 but what can you do?