Becky Brewerton 65-69-66-70=270 (-18)

You must be absolutely delighted.

I’m so, so happy. To have such a big lead at the start was nice because it was a little bit nervy at the end when the wind was gusting up. It was a brilliant week.

You got a bit nervous on the back nine, didn’t you?

I played the front nine just superbly. I made good pars on 10 and 11 and then on 12 it was a shot out of nowhere; I absolutely duffed it straight into the water. I don’t know if it came from being a little bit tight or a little bit tentative with the club. I got on with it anyway, made five and didn’t lose my head. I made five, still knew I had quite a big cushion and just tried to be aggressive from then on. I found it hard to hit the fairway or the green to be honest so it was a lot of scrambling.

You’ve been showing massive confidence and today it looked like a breeze.

It certainly didn’t feel like that inside. I really just tried to keep the same thought that I had all week which was to be really competitive, be really aggressive. I said in my interviews after the first couple of rounds that it was an absolute must that I had to win here to get some Solheim points, to get into the Evian, to give myself a better chance of making that team and it paid off. I tried to stay like that all the way to the end. Even when I was a bit nervy I was really positive with my putts and that was the thing that got me my win.

Solheim Cup, you’re right on form now.

I’m not sure where that will put me now. I’ve got the opportunity to play in Evian next week as well now and I feel like I can have a good couple of weeks. Top 20 you get points so I’ll certainly be trying to do better than that. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get some more.

What are your thoughts on the Panoramica course?

I think the course is in the best condition it’s ever been in since we’ve played here. Playing at a different time of year has perhaps helped. Although the weather has been hot, the greens are absolutely fantastic. They are rolling perfect and the whole course is in excellent condition.

Breanne Loucks 72-69-69-66=276 (-12)

You must be thrilled with your best ever finish of joint runner-up.

I’m pretty made up to be honest. I’m so excited; I started crying on the 18th after making my birdie putt. It just means so much to me. To do so well in my rookie year: it’s amazing. I’m over the moon and proud of myself as well.

What went well?

I finally started to hole some putts. It’s taken me a while. Over the last couple of weeks playing on the tour I’ve been struggling with my putting really. On the first day I didn’t hole any putts and then I thought I’d just relax and have a bit more of a Laura Davies mentality and just go out there and be carefree: just enjoy my golf. I loved every minute. I holed some putts which I haven’t been doing.

What do you think of the course?

It’s a great golf course. The last few holes either make you or break you. They are great finishing holes.

What do you think about the way in which Becky Brewerton has been playing?

It’s amazing. I hope she achieves her goal because it takes a lot of guts to come out and say the only way I’m getting into Evian is by winning.

Tania Elosegui 71-69-65-71=276 (-12)

What are your thoughts on the final round?

Firstly that Becky was the best this week by far. She was six shots in front of the rest so she played great. Then, I am not very happy today about my game. I didn’t hit my driver well and the three putts I made on 14 really made me down. I had a double, that can happen, and then two birdies so I was again three under and confident. That putt I hit one metre and a half short and then I missed it: that didn’t help at all, and then I bogeyed 15.

What are your goals for the Evian Masters?

Just to enjoy.

Diana Luna 71-71-69-65=276 (-12)

How pleased are you with another strong performance?

I knew I was playing better during the weekend so I was pretty confident in my game. Today I was putting every time, again no chipping. I hit 16 greens and was putting from the fringe on the other two so it was like 18. I’m very happy with the way I’m playing and I just want to carry it through.

Laura Davies 69-70-73-66=278 (-10)

What do you think of the course?

I like the course. I should have done better here, I think. I just had two bad holes yesterday on 16 and 17 where I dropped three shots and that cost me.
I drove the ball magnificently but only hit two fairways so the fairways are really tight. The rough is not punishing so you can afford to take it on. There were five holes where I was aiming off the fairway. It’s a really fun golf course. I feel like if I’d played here for five or six years I would have had a chance to win it once. I just made a couple of mistakes yesterday and it’s cost me. I didn’t that much yesterday (third round). I putted great apart from yesterday. Yesterday was average to bad really.

Paula Marti

What do you think of the course?

The course is great. We’ve been very lucky with the weather so far. I remember last year (2008) the second round was so windy. It was just impossible to score. I think the green keeper has done a great job because we are in the middle of July and in Spain it’s so hot so it’s really easy to have greens burnt out. The greens are so much better than last year and wow! I’ve got no complaints. The rough is not that long. The fairways are really tight; they are probably 10 metres wide but the rough is not that bad. I think the set up is just great.

Emma Zackrisson

What do you think of the course?

I love this golf course, obviously having won here in 2008. It’s a very nice course and in great condition. I would say it was a little bit tougher last year and it’s a lot dryer now out in the rough. I think it was greener and softer in the rough before so it was tougher to hit the shots from the rough. It’s still in great condition. I love coming here every year and it’s one of my favourite courses.

Julieta Granada

What do you think of the course?

I thought the course was in great shape and the greens were nice. They were a little slow for my taste but that’s okay. Some holes were short and some were long so it was a nice variety.

Trish Johnson

What do you think of the course?

I think it’s great. I think it’s very dependent on the weather, this golf course. If it’s blowing it’s a good test and if it’s like today, then there are 18 birdies out there. I think if you put the pins in some places it makes it interesting but I like playing it. Stood on that tee today, you knew you should have 18 birdie putts, so it’s good fun. It’s in good condition and I enjoy coming here and playing.