Gwladys Nocera (FRA) 69-66-68=203 (-13)

How does it feel to win your third tournament of the year?
Good. My aim is still to win the New Star Money List so I knew I had to win at least this week and a couple more. I’m getting closer to my goal but I still have a lot of work to do.

How happy were you with the way you played today?
I played really well. I really played well today, the best round of the week. I didn’t hole any putts and then I made a good one on 14 for eagle.

How far was that?
It was about seven metres.

Why was your score not better on the front nine?
I played well but didn’t make a putt. I took a stupid bogey on two and that’s it. I was playing well. I made a club mistake on eight, the par three, where I was in the back. I couldn’t do much.

How did you feel when you went into the water hazard on 18?
I didn’t see it until I got there and I knew I had a four stroke lead so it was alright. I just had to make a five and go with it.

What is next for you?
Hopefully a win next week: that will be the goal.

How will you celebrate this victory?
I will have a few drinks with my friends tonight and celebrate when I have a week off.

When is your next week off?
During Denmark.

How does this one compare to your other victories?
When I was 13 under after 16 I knew I was fine so I just had time to think about it, that is why I am cool now, because I had three holes to think about it.

How do you feel the course stood up after the rain?
After all that rain the course stood up great. The first round was hard because a lot of water was still there. I think the greens staff did a pretty good job if you look at it now.

Samantha Head (ENG) 70-68-68=206 (-10)

How pleased are you with tied second?
I’m really, really happy. I’ve been playing well all year. I wasn’t shooting any low scores and a couple of weeks ago I had to pull out of the British Open after qualifying and I was so gutted but it gave me two weeks off to think about why I’m not shooting low scores. Those two weeks off really helped me.

What conclusions did you come to?
I was not holing enough putts. That was it. I just thought about how I’m going to hole more putts.

Did you work on anything?
No, nothing on the putting green. I worked in my own head, visualization and all that stuff. I did it by myself. I’ve worked with psychologists for years and I just worked on what they had told me.
Today I had 30 putts and hit 15 greens but I didn’t miss any putts.

Are you happy with the improvement?

What is next?
I am going to Finland.

Do you feel you can improve on this?
Yes. I feel like there is a win in me but obviously I’m not ready yet. I wasn’t ready this week but every week is a new week so I’m just waiting and being patient.

Tania Elosegui (ESP) 70-69-67=206 (-10)

What is your reaction to your finish here?
I’m very happy. I was struggling a bit with the putting at the beginning. I only had two birdies on the front nine. I made birdies on one and six. I hit a very good seven iron into 14 and made the putt for eagle so that was great. I was very happy with that shot. I was quite nervous at the end but I managed to get a birdie on 17 with two putts. I felt so nervous and the putts were short on 17 and 18 but I am happy.