Winner: Amy Yang (South Korea)

What is your reaction?
I didn’t think I would win this tournament. After the first round I hit four hazards and it wasn’t a good round. I wanted to just enjoy the day. I played so good.

Were you surprised about your score?
I wasn’t thinking about my score. I was just playing one shot and one hole at a time so I didn’t think about my score.

What does this victory mean to you?
After the German win I went back to America and had a few weeks off. I played some Monday qualifiers but I didn’t play good. I didn’t know it was this tough. I was tired mentally going back and forth. This win will give me more confidence.

About your game, what is the best part?
I think I hit good shots this week. Last week my coach (David Nable)from Australia came to the British Open. I missed the cut there but we had more time to practise and get better.

How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
I was going to just enjoy it because the leader was four shots in front of me. I came here to enjoy myself.

What did you work on last week?
Mostly on the back swing. It was a bit laid off so it was getting it on the right plane.

How has the crowd treated you?
So many people, it’s a very good crowd. The first and second day was very bad weather but the weekend was good.

Was Shin an inspiration to you, winning the British last week?

Who is your favourite player?
I have two: Annika and Se Ri Pak. Of course all the Korean golfers like Se Ri because she is like Annika is in Sweden. I like Annika too. I like the routine and the way she plays; I really like it.

Did you see Se Ri Pak when you were young?
Yes! I think I was 10 or 11 and I watched Annika’s game on the TV. I didn’t think I would play with her when I grew up! It is very exciting.

When did you start playing golf?
At 10 years old.

What is your future goal?
Everyone wants to be the number one golfer, don’t they, like Annika did. I’m not looking at that now. This year I’m trying to get more experience. In five years maybe I can go for it.

How much practise do you put in?
I haven’t been practicing hard. I had tournaments eight weeks in a row from the US Open. During the tournament you don’t want to practise too much and get too tired. Maybe at the end of the season I will try hard for next year.

Tournament Host: Annika Sorenstam (Sweden)

What is your reaction overall?
It’s been a good week overall. Amy played very, very well today and I just want to congratulate her. I’m happy with the way I played. I played very, very well the first 14 holes and then I hit it in the water on 15 and got very deflated at that point. Overall it’s been a very good week.

Was it an emotional finish?
It was. The support has been tremendous here. They did the wave and all the applause makes you feels very appreciative.

Was it as emotional as a major, like last week?
No, I mean it’s emotional in a different way. I didn’t finish on a very high note so it takes the life out of you a little bit. The support has been great and it’s been nice to have all the family and friends here. We are going to have a nice dinner tonight and that might be more emotional than out here.

How is your game and do you feel you could win again soon?
Absolutely. I’m hoping to win next week and then the week after that. I’m so due.