Martina Eberl (Eberl) 65 (-7)
I’m very pleased with the score. Today I’m glad there are no pictures on the score card because I was really hitting the ball not well. I birdied most of the par fives and of course my hole in one helped too which wasn’t a great shot either! That doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. I take it with pleasure and I will go out tomorrow and hope to hit the ball a lot better.
I have a great caddie. Without Paul I don’t think I would play that well. I didn’t play too well the last two events because I was a little bit tired and I lost a little bit of my patience. Today I was really patient and I think that is the key.

Was this your first hole in one?
No, it’s my seventh. It’s my second one as a pro and my second one in Wales. My first one was in Royal Porthcawl when we were playing there, on hole number four. I’m very happy and maybe it’s the Welsh air.
Tomorrow is a new day; every day is different. The score could be better tomorrow or it could be different. I don’t think about the score; I just go out and play shot by shot. Whatever is on the score card I have to take.
Every golfer knows how important putting is. I was driving the ball well and putting well and chipping well. The iron shots were not that great.

Becky Brewerton (Wales) 66 (-6)
I felt really good at the start of the day and I think having a good group with Martina and Rebecca helped because we all spurred each other on to make more birdies.
I hit a great shot into seven so I only had a tap in for birdie. The last two holes, eight and nine, are quite difficult so I would have been pleased with pars there but I played them really well. I didn’t hit a full shot. I managed to hole a nice putt to finish. It was about 25 foot but the longest putt I holed all day. I left a few short in the jaws but they were long putts and it was nice to finish with a long one.

Do you feel the putting lesson helped you?
Definitely. Anything from 10 foot or under I was really solid. I think I only missed one and that was just a mis-read. It makes such a difference to feel that you’re hitting the putts where you want to and you understand, when you miss, what you’ve done. I’m really pleased I went.

How many supporters do you have here?
My mum and dad are out which was nice and there were a few familiar faces that I recognise from every year. It is nice to have that support. I’m sure on the weekend there will be quite a few people here hopefully.

Have you changed anything else?
No. The swing is starting to feel a lot more comfortable now. I’m not thinking about it as much so that allows you to go out and play, thinking about the course and the round rather than having swing thoughts in your head. Sometimes it’s very difficult to play like that.

How pleased are you with your position, only one shot off the lead?
Well it’s the perfect position to be in, especially when you play with the leader as well and you can see how you’re playing in comparison. It was good to keep within touching distance because Martina did play very well today and she could have easily gone quite a few shots ahead. It’s a good position and with three rounds left you just don’t know what is going to happen.