Wang, 16, from Beijing

Lin Tzu-Chi (TPE) 66 (-6)

What was the key to your leading score today?

I had nine birdies and I didn’t even think I had that much because I had three bogeys and I was thinking I needed to cover those and do my best. After 18 I counted it up and thought, ‘That’s good!’

I was mad on number three because I missed a putt for par and thought, ‘Oh, I’m so stupid’ and I just made a few more birdies.

How much do you enjoy being at Yalong Bay in Sanya?

When we come here, it feels like we are on vacation, so I am really enjoying it. We have coconut to drink on the course so I’m really relaxed and not thinking about my score.

What was the best part of your game?

My irons were the best part of my game today. I hit really good iron shots. My longest birdie putt was 18 feet on number 10. The weather is good today. I was just doing my best and not thinking of a score.


Zi Yi Wang (CHN) 68 (-4)

How do you assess your first round?

It was a great round. I made many birdies and my putting was great except for one three-putt. Overall I did well on most of the holes I could birdie so it was pretty nice.

What was the best part of your game today?

I’ll have to say my approach shots. The pitching was good and I made five or six birdies on the par fours, so that’s why I had a great round.

Did you find the wind tricky?

Yes, it was. When I started out I didn’t have a start in mind. I bogeyed the second hole and the wind was blowing everything away but luckily I had some short holes coming and I made a few birdies and settled myself down.

What are your expectations for this event?

I’m not looking at the ranking but I’m hoping for low scores: probably three rounds in the 60s is what I’m looking for.

You’ve already won one professional tournament so what would it mean to you to win another one here?

That would be amazing. I don’t think that is one of my targets but it would be an amazing thing to achieve.

Would you turn pro?

I’m guessing I’ll have to wait until I graduate in six years.

What will you study?

They say that you choose your major after you get in but I want to major in English.

Where did you learn?

Here in China, in school basically but I have been to the States many times.

Is this your first time in Sanya?

I’m from China so I’ve been here plenty of times.

Have you been doing anything to relax?

I’ve walked to the beach a few times but I’ve got school work and I have to study. I’ve got three mid-term exams on Monday right after I go back. World History, Biology, Chinese and Physics on Monday.

Where did you win?

In Xiamen in August.

What are your future plans?

I am verbally committed to Stanford University and I’ll be going there in 2016, in two years.

When is your birthday?

March 28.

What are your hobbies?

I really enjoy reading, watching and playing soccer, music, moves and everything. Eating, if that is a hobby!

What team do you support?

A Chinese team, in Beijing, my home town team.

Do you have a handicap?

I think it’s 1.3.


Xi Yu Lin (CHN) , 68 (-4)

How was your round?

I did pretty well today. When I was warming up in the morning I saw it was pretty quiet with not much wind so I wished for a good score and today I played pretty well. I didn’t have any bogeys but I still missed a couple of chances so I’m satisfied with the score but I think it could have been lower.

Today was not very difficult. I still remember two years ago when a total of three under got into the top five, so I think that year was the hardest. Today in the morning, the front nine was quiet but there was a little breeze on the back nine, so it was fine.

Have you been doing anything to relax?

Swimming in the pool at the hotel. I’m too scared to swim in the sea because I don’t know what’s inside.


Gwladys Nocera (FRA) 68 (-4)

What was the best part of your game today?

I didn’t make any mistakes and when I had bad shots they were there, so I just played consistent the whole day and made some good putts.

Do you like the course?

It’s a nice course. The wind is picking up and it makes it really tricky, especially on the front nine. It seems less obvious, the wind direction, so it’s quite tricky but it makes the course more interesting.

Did you need an extra club?

One less or one more, yeah.

What have you been doing to relax?

I’m fine here in China. I arrived late on Tuesday and I have been sleeping well so that’s the main thing, I think. If you sleep well then you can recover. This afternoon I will take it easy and stay in my room because it’s really hot.

You are quite high up on the money list. What’s your goal for the year now?

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the ranking even though I would like to stay in the top five. I’d like to win one before the end of the season so I’m trying in each tournament to play as well as I can. If I don’t win, it’s not the end of the world, but I’d like to win. I just want to play golf really.

Babe Liu (TPE) 68 (-4)

What was the secret to your fast start?

My second shots were really good and close to the pin so it wasn’t a problem to make birdies. I hit them really solid and made lots of putts so I feel good for this tournament.

Actually I’m a little bit sick so I’m surprised I can hit that close. I have a cold because the weather has been so different the last few days and I’m not used to it. I think its okay. I’ve enjoyed today and playing with my mum, Sunny, as my caddie.

How were your drives?

It was okay. I think it was just that my mum was with me and I felt more relaxed during the round here.

I got three bogeys. On one I hit into the hazard and two where the tee shots were not that good but I can fix that for tomorrow.

How was the wind?

The wind was not that strong and I’m used to playing in strong winds in Taiwan.

Have you played in this tournament before?

No, this is the first time I’ve come to Sanya.

What have you been doing to relax?

It’s really beautiful and the beach is close to the hotel, but I’m too lazy to walk down. I’m really enjoying staying here though.

This is your second year as a professional.

I’m just playing in Asia on the CLPGA and TLPGA tournaments and I’m going to Japan Q School next week.

Tell us more about yourself.

I’m 21 years old and I live in Tauyuan City.

You won twice on the CLPGA this year and you are ranked second on the money list. What are your goals for the rest of the season?

I hope I can win three times this year and I achieved that by June. For me, I would like to enjoy every tournament. Yes, but this is my last tournament this year.

You used to be a basketball player?

Yes, before I was 11, when I started to play golf. I’m 175cm tall so the shortest in my family.

Rebecca Artis (AUS) 68 (-4)

What went right for you today?

I just managed to keep the ball in play and played my way around the golf course. I had pretty good course management and tried to hit the greens in the right spots to get uphill putts and some good chances. Early on I made a couple of good birdie putts and then had a good par putt on my eighth and then the first hole, which was our tenth hole which kept the momentum going.

I didn’t play unbelievable out there, I just played with what I had and played pretty solid golf. It’s nice to get that first round under your belt when you haven’t played for five or so weeks.

Were your surprised by the conditions?

The first nine holes I thought we might get through with no wind and then it might pick up on our back nine. It got a little bit gusty. Around here it seems difficult to find the right location. It bounces off the mountains and stuff around here so it can be difficult to judge where it’s coming from but it didn’t get up much at all which surprises me really. I thought it would be fairly windy for the afternoon groups but it’s not too bad.

Tell us about your four birdies.

I started on the 10th and nearly had a hole in one on 11. I hit a 7-iron and had about a three footer there. I birdied the par 3 on the back nine, 15, and then 16, the par 5 over the water, about four metre putts there. Then I birdied the second, I hit s good drive and knocked it into four feet and holed it, so a pretty steady day.

Is it similar to your home?

Yes, it’s grainy and similar to the Gold Coast. I’d prefer the bent but this is a good golf course. It’s always in good nick and overall the course is in great condition. I play at the Glades on the Gold Coast where my coaches are based.

What have you been doing lately?

I finished the year off on the Symetra Tour and did well enough to get through to final stage of LPGA, so I got to go home to Australia for five weeks. I had a couple of weeks off, because I’ve played a fair bit of golf this year between the Symetra Tour and the LET so I went home and had a couple of weeks off in Coonabarabran with my niece and nephew.

Malene Jorgensen (DEN) 68 (-4)

What was the best part of your game?

I hit my driver really well and I hit the approach shots close so it was really easy. I had a five metre birdie putt on the first hole but the other birdie putts were shorter so it was easy. It was really hot though. It was nice on the back nine when the sun was gone but I can’t complain, coming from 10 degrees in Denmark. I was really relaxed and so I hope for two more days of this.