Team NetherlandsUSA

Nikki Garrett: I want to win a couple like two years ago. I’ve got that hunger back and a new caddie as well at least until August. I’ve got my mum coming out for three events at the end of the year as well. I feel more at ease with myself. I’m more comfortable and relaxed.

The Netherlands
Marjet van der Graaff and Christel Boeljon 66 (-6)

First time here, is it unusual for you?
Christel Boeljon: Not really. I’ve played this format before in amateur things. I played the last season as an amateur but it’s a bit different because it’s a big tournament. I’m having a lot of fun.

Good start to the year?
Christel Boeljon: It was a good start.

Goals for the year?
Christel Boeljon: I would like to get the rookie of the year and a few top tens would be nice.
Marjet van der Graaff: I think we have a good team and if we continue playing well we will have a good chance. We had one bogey today which was a bit disappointing but over 18 holes it’s alright.

What advice will you give Christel tomorrow?
Marjet van der Graaff: Take your putter with you and that’s about it. She played really well today so I am lucky.
Christel Boeljon: The putter was working for me today so I can’t complain.

Do you speak Spanish?
Christel Boeljon: No.

Didn’t you study it?
Christel Boeljon: Well when I went to the States I didn’t go for the studies. I went for the golf. I studied just to get a C or a pass. I wasn’t very into the studies.

Was it a big decision to leave University?
Christel Boeljon: It was tough times for me out there. I didn’t have the coach that I desired. He was good but not especially for my game, the way I wanted. It was tough sometimes. Three years down there and being wanting to play golf, it was a pretty easy decision.

Is your coach at home in Holland?
Christel Boeljon: Yes. My coach Ad Wessels has been with me since I hit my first golf ball and the national coach, Eric der Kinderen helps me too.