Golfclub Fohrenwald, Wiener Neustadt
11th – 14th September 2008

Anja Monke 67 (-5)

How happy do you feel with your start to the week?
It was a good round. I had a really, really good start. I was five-under after nine and then I played a birdie on the first hole, which was my tenth. Then I unfortunately made two bogeys on four and five. Then another birdie on the ninth which was my last hole so it makes the total minus five.

Is it nice to be in a German speaking country?
Oh yes, definitely. It’s nice to have a good Wiener Schnitzel, that is what I like the most here! I really look forward to it.

Lydia Hall 68 (-4)

What were the highlights?
I just played solid golf. I holed quite a few putts. I was just hitting fairways, hitting good approach shots and holing putts here and there.

How does it feel to play in sunshine for a change?
It’s perfect. The conditions today have been perfect and the course is in great shape. The wind started to get up at quarter to 12 so we were already halfway round. The fairways were soft and the greens were really nice to pitch into and get control of the ball. I hit quite a few good approach shots in with my wedges but there weren’t any snakes.

How would you rate your first season so far?
I’ve learned so much about myself as well as my golf. It’s been a tough year but overall I’m pleased.

Beth Allen, USA 68 (-4)

What was the key to your round today?
I hit my wedges really close so that was good. I only made one five so that’s nice too. I hit my wedges close today.

Is this your first time in Austria?

How do you like it?
I love the weather. It’s better than it has been since I’ve been in Europe so it’s good. I think the golf course is great. It’s in such great shape and the greens are so true that it’s easy to make putts out here because they hold the line. I really enjoy it here.

What is the Sycuan Resort?
It’s a resort in San Diego, California. It’s a casino and it has a golf course and a hotel.

Is that where you practise?
Yes. I live in San Diego.

How have you found Europe?
I think it’s fun. It’s different for sure but I enjoy it and I’m used to it now. At first it was a little difficult with the languages and the different currency and stuff like that. Now this is my sixth week out so I’m quite used to it and I’ve been playing alright so I like it.

Do you have any more tournaments to play over here?
I think I’m going home after this.

Did you grow up in San Diego?
I grew up just north of San Diego.

It says in your profile that you started golf at 16 but your dad was a golf professional.
No. I played other things and my family was so golf orientated that I just knew it was always there. When I picked it up I was taught really well because my dad was a professional. I had access to all sorts of things like the golf course so I was lucky that way. It wasn’t interesting to me when I was younger. I would hit balls sometimes at the range but I played my first 18 holes when I was about 15.

What other sports were you into before that?
I was really into basketball but I wish I was good enough to play longer in college.

Laura Davies 71 (-1)

How would you sum it up?
I had a flier on the 18th with that eight-iron. It was a perfect number but it just hit the side of the bank and went in. I made a good par in the end.
It was a disappointing start and I’m going to be too far back after day one. I played a lot better than that. Four behind is never a good start.