Rebecca Coakley (Ireland) 67 (-5)

How pleased are you with your round?

I played really steady up until the 13th and then I holed my 7-iron into 13 for eagle from 135 metres. I got a bit lucky there. I played steady until the 18th and finally holed a putt for birdie on 18.

Anything to which you attribute the round?

I’m playing the same as I have all year I just haven’t holed enough putts and today I made three birdies and got a bit lucky holing the 7-iron. I can’t say that anything is very different.

Any changes to your preparation?

Preparation is the same as every other week. The only difference this week is I changed putters just for a different feel to see if I could start rolling putts in so that worked.

Was it steady or any trouble?

I hit a few loose drives but didn’t get into any trouble. I had a couple of fairway bunker shots but that was it.

How did you make your birdies?

At the second, I hit a good drive, nine iron in and holed a 12-footer.On the 12th I hit a really bad drive right and a sand wedge over the trees to the front of the green. I holed a 14 metre putt so that was good. I had to lay up on 18. I just caught the rough on the right, had a pitch in and holed about a 15 footer.

Why are the Irish players doing well?

I think it’s the weather.

What are your thoughts on the course?

I think condition wise it’s fantastic. Greens are the best condition wise I’ve played on all year. The ball is rolling really nice. It’s a bit wet at the start of the day. The greens are a bit moist so they will probably spike up by the end of the day. If you have a morning tee time they are rolling really, really nice.

Marta Prieto (Spain) 67 (-5)

You must be happy with five-under-par.

Yes I am and even more because I’m not confident about my swing. I managed to hit it straight. They were not great hits but they were straight and it worked.

Just the one bogey.

It was stupid on an easy par five. I just hit a really bad wedge shot and missed the green and didn’t get up and down. The good shots were very good on the third hole I hit my driver in the rough and it was underneath a tree so I had to hit a punch shot to the green and I just left it a metre and a half short. I birdied that one. I made a chip on the hole before. I missed the green on the second and chipped in. I had a great birdie on the third and I birdied the next one with a good driver and a good iron. It was a very good putt from at least seven metres.

Have you been inspired by the two Spanish wins this year? Could you be the third?

I would love to. There is no reason I couldn’t be. Today I just went out there and tried to do my best because I haven’t seen my coach (Marcelo Prieto – no relation – from Argentina) in a long time. He coaches the ladies’ amateur team so I think I saw him two or three months ago. I feel a little bit lost. You need someone to tell you what you’re doing and give you that confidence. But the putting works.

Melissa Reid (England) 67 (-5)

At your last tournament in Wales you finished on a high with a 66. You seem to have continued your form today.

It was good. I wasn’t feeling too good today. I’ve got a bit of a cold and a dodgy tummy as well, but I’m feeling pretty good. Me and Paul have been looking forward to this week for a while.
I felt I left about three out there. I missed three short putts on the back nine but overall
I should have birdied 11, 12 and 13. I missed a short putt on 16 as well. Apart from that, I’m pretty happy. I would take five-under at the start of the day.

What have you been up to in recent weeks?

After Wales I took three weeks off with my injury. I went away with my sister for a week to Dubai, which was good. I’ve still been training I’ve just not been hitting balls. I’ve been seeing my friends a lot which is always nice and taking it easy. I’ve been practising now for about two weeks. My wrist seems to be holding up.

Nothing serious then?

No. I’ve booked in an operation in October but we’re going to re-look at it when I get back from Madrid to see whether I’ll get it done or not.

Is it your first time in Austria?

No, not my first time in Austria. I go skiing here, snowboarding. For the golf it’s my first time as I didn’t play last year.

Do you prefer skiing or golfing?

Both pretty similar. I love snowboarding in Austria, but the golf is pretty good. The course is in awesome condition. The greens are probably the best I’ve played all year so compliments to the greens staff.

Laura Davies (England) 67 (-5)

It was a great start.

You didn’t look very happy at the end though.

I hit a lovely shot in; a six-iron into a par-five and we pitched it over the back and had a horrible lie. Didn’t get up and down. I made a really good birdie on 17 and was almost taking another birdie for granted. The ball was in the air and I thought it was lovely. It was just the wrong club. It’s just a bit disappointing.

You’ve won twice on this course.

I just love it. I love the set up, the greens, the whole course just seems to suits my eye and tough wood things are still going well.

Is it in good condition?

It’s the best it’s ever been, by far. Every year when we get here they make a change. This year they built a new tee, which is good. They put us back on the one of the holes out there which was another good change. They try and improve it every year and they do a good job.

You said that you could land a jumbo jet down 18.

It’s 18. I do like that tee shot. I hit a monster today and that’s why I’m a bit disappointed really. It was a really good drive and a good second. You walk off with a par and feel a bit disappointed. On the whole five under is good.

You seemed to have struggled in recent weeks.

The Solheim knocked my confidence. You know, Ali left me out of all those matches and she really destroyed my confidence. By the time I got to Portland and Canada I felt like I was playing bad. Going into The Solheim Cup I’d had some really good results. There were a few top ten finishes in Europe and a 17th at the US Open. I think just being left out of those matches rocked me so badly and it really upset me. I have struggled the last two weeks and I can only attribute it to that. I had been playing well going into it.

This could be the turnaround.

Hopefully this is the turning point that will get the year back on track.

Have you won a tournament back to back three times?

Yes. I won the Phoenix tournament four years running. I won the English three years running on different courses though. I have had multiple wins on courses before.

We won’t look too far ahead.

That’s the trouble. The standard of golf is so high now you can’t take one shot for granted let along a whole tournament so there’s a long way to go.

Hazel Kavanagh (Ireland) 68 (-4)

What was the key to your round?

I drove the ball very well and my putting was the best all year.

Four birdies and no bogeys – you must be pleased.

I was delighted with it. I lipped out for birdie on 18 to shoot my lowest score ever. Four under is my lowest on tour. Five under would have been my lowest.

Were you a tad disappointed?

Not at all. I was really happy. The greens were fabulous and the course is magnificent.

What has turned your game around this year?

I’ve been not practising as much, trying to enjoy it and I’ve finally got my putting going and my driving. I’m a good iron player so that was key. I have it all going now.

What score do you think will lead?

Six or seven under should be.

How comparable is the course to last year?

It’s playing a tiny bit longer but it’s in much better condition and the greens are superb.

What has changed?

I think it’s just nature. It’s had a lot of rain and then a bit of heat. It’s in class condition. It looks well and it plays really well.