Anja Monke, Germany 67 (-5)

How pleased were you with the performance today?
I was very pleased with it. If you score five under you are pleased. I hit some good drives, some good irons and made some putts.

Were there any interesting par saves?
The one on the first was quite interesting because I hit it in the fairway bunker right. I had a dodgy lie in there and so I could just wedge it out. I had 67 to the cup and I just missed the cup by an inch. It spun back by two metres and then I made the putt for par.

What do you hope for this week?
I will see if I can play the next three rounds like that as well. That would be nice.

Did you know the course?
I am here for the fifth year now so I have played it a few times.

How are you feeling about your game?
I feel good. I always like to come here as I like the golf course.

Have you been in the lead before?
Yes but I messed up the following day so I hope that won’t happen today.

Nina Reis, Sweden 67 (-5)

You continued your form of last week…
I guess I did. I just made some good putts again and hit good shots. Everything continued from where I left off. This is the eighth week in a row that I’m playing so I guess it goes by itself now.

You had a good match.
Yes. It definitely helps if everyone is playing well.

What do you think about the course?
I like it; it’s fun. You have to think a little bit. It’s the first time I’ve played it. I played in the pro am.

Was the wind strong?
No. It got a bit cold on the last holes but it was okay.

Stefania Croce, Italy 67 (-5)

How do you feel about your round?
I feel good. I have to continue to play like this and sink putts and see what happens.

You were six under par at one point.
I bogeyed one of the easy holes but it happens. I saved par on eight and nine which are not easy holes so I am happy.

How pleased are you with the season?
I had a hard time in the middle but it happens. What can you do? I kept on working hard and hopefully this week I will do it.

Are you playing next week?
No, I will play just Dubai. In the winter I teach a little bit at home in Como at the Virginia Golf Club.

How many times have you played here?
I have played here about four times. Last year I finished third so I like the course and I hope it’s going to be good to me again.

Sophie Giquel, France 69 (-3)

How pleased are you with today’s performance?
I’m very happy because I have had a tough year in the States. I didn’t really play well and so when I came here I was less stressed and I played good golf. I just made a bogey on the ninth which was my 18th hole. I missed from less than one metre but, whatever. I am still happy with my day.

Where do you live?
Palm Beach, Florida. For practicing golf it is just perfect. It is between 25 and 30 degrees every day. You never have to think about what you are going to wear. It’s always shirts and shorts. It is perfect.

What brings you back to Europe?
The French Open is my national tournament so I just came back for one week and I will go back to the States next week.

How far is Valence from here?
It was a four hour train journey.

Paula Marti, Spain 69 (-3)

How did you finish up your round?
I was three under. I finished okay. I can’t complain. I played pretty solid from tee to green. My only bogey was with three putts, like always! I played good shots but didn’t make that many putts. One birdie was with two putts, where I reached the par five in two, one was a gimme and the other was a two-and-a-half metre putt. I just need to improve on the greens and hopefully I will have some lower rounds. I can’t complain. It’s quite windy out there today so hopefully I’m on a run up the leader board. That is the key: to be up there every week. I can’t complain.

How are the preparations going for the Madrid Ladies Masters?
I was in Madrid on Tuesday for the press conference and everything is looking good. Everyone is working hard and looking forward to the tournament. I don’t know about the course because it has been raining so much in Madrid but hopefully we are going to have sunny Spanish weather next week because we have been having rain every single tournament. Everything looks good and hopefully we will have a good week.

Eva Steinberger, Austria 69 (-3)

What can you tell us about your round?
I don’t like this golf course because I’ve never played well here. This is my fourth time and once I had to stop; the other two times I think I finished last so today I just said to myself I just need to go out and hit because I’ve already been in all the places where you should not go so it can’t get any worse. Today was really good, I played very solid and I hit all of the greens in regulation on the back nine. I tried to change everything. I am not flying into Paris, I flew into Brussels. I am not taking the train; I hired a rental car. I have brought my mom with me. At the moment it is working well that I changed everything so I am going to keep on like that.

Who is your caddie?
Chris Keeping. He caddied for Johanna Westerberg at the first few events and we worked together since Wales. It is good to have a regular caddie. The last few events I struggled a little bit because this is my eighth week in a row. I am quite happy that it worked out well today but there are three rounds to go. I am happy to have a good first round because normally I am already fighting. This week I just didn’t expect anything.

Are you confident that you will keep your card for the 2009 season?
Yes. You never know because it counts up to Dubai and that is a rich event but I am always thinking about it. You should not think about it. I am happy that I have good sponsors so I can play all of the events. I don’t want to lose my card because I can play in all of the events. I am looking forward to the next tournaments. I am flying to China on Monday. I am going to the two Formula 1 races in Shanghai and Fuji. Then I will go straight from the race to the tournaments.

What will you do there?
I work with my management company and I do some sponsor days and a lot of practicing. It’s a bit of a holiday after the eight weeks. It’s getting colder and colder in Austria so it will be good to be in China. I will hopefully be quite good in Chinese by the tournament.

What is the target for this week?
Hopefully play a few more rounds like that and go out with the same attitude.