The Ladies European Tour embraces new ideas with open arms and at the ANZ Ladies Masters, a selection of talented young designers from the Whitehouse School of Design in Sydney created a stylish collection of women’s golf wear, offering a new direction from the traditional dress code.

Kirsty Stringer

Stringer modelled her own eye-catching creation, while Australian professionals Nicole James and promising rookie Tamara Hyett, winner of the ALPG Players’ Championship, donned the runners-up designs.

“I always try to challenge myself creatively, but to be given an opportunity to actually design a range in a relatively new field of fashion was very exciting,” said a delighted Stringer.

“I needed to ensure the garments are functional but at the same time edgy and that was a great challenge.”

Stringer had no immediate plans to market her daring designs, but after hearing that American Natalie Gulbis had just signed a mid six-figure clothing contract, her eyes lit up and hoped that some of Europe’s chic players will wear her designs on Tour this season.