7. What are you most looking forward to in 2010?

I’m really looking forward to playing the LPGA and being able to win tournaments. I’m really confident about my game and think I can do well on this tour, possibly win tournaments. I’m going to see different places and different players. I’m really excited about it and also looking forward to playing the British Open and Ireland and Dubai, those great tournaments in Europe. I will try to play as many tournaments as I can; it depends on this tour and the re-ranking. With my category I am going to be into 15 tournaments out of 25 and there are a couple of re-ranks throughout the season. Those limited tournaments, through a re-ranking you can get in if you play well.

8. Is your boyfriend, Andreas Thorpe still caddying for you?
Yes, he is.

9. Which tournament would you most like to win?

If I can win the US Open I have a couple of bets and a couple of people will have to do a couple of things. It’s a magnificent tournament so I would love to win that one. A win is a win and it’s always a success so that is my goal.

Along with a number of other LET players, Beatriz has the chance to be selected to play in The Mojo 6 Tournament in Jamaica, from 15-16 April. She asked for all her fans to log on to Themojo6.com to vote for her, any time up to 14th March 2010.